Today, for the first time in what seems like months, we have rain in Melbourne. This is a good thing because my coriander plant was looking very limp yesterday, and all my other plants are now a lot happier, but this rain isn’t good for my hair. It makes it all frizzy! I spend a goodly amount of time every other day straightening my hair and then it rains and all that time has been wasted. Also our cats don’t like rain, and won’t go outside.

I rang the man about the dishwasher and washing machine before. Apparently the dishwasher has arrived but not the washing machine. They are the same brand! How can one arrive and not the other?

The boy and I ordered some nice wines yesterday and they arrived today! I won’t be able to catch the tram home with them because the box is too heavy. We are looking forward to drinking them though.

No new car to speak of. Not happy.


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