The man is here right now installing the new dishwasher. He tells me that the one we have bought is the quietest on the market which is brilliant (although you wouldn’t think so to hear the drill right now).

Today was a very quiet day at work. I had to come home early for the dishwasher man so that was just as well!

Huffle is a bit nervous of the man and ran outside when I got home. She’ll come back when it’s dinner time. Salvador was waiting at the front door for me when I got home. He thinks it’s dinner time from about 3pm each day but I am not in charge of feeding the cats – that’s the boy’s job.

Speaking of Salvador, here’s a picture of him. He’s a tortoiseshell tabby cat, about 13 years old. He’s a grumpy old man! He spends all his days plotting to kill Huffle and begging for food.

8 days to the new car!


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