Lunch, lunch and more lunch

So on Tuesday the Chair of the Council I work for took us out for lunch to thank us for all our hard work last year. It was lovely and I had the BEST chocolate souffle for dessert. Brilliant. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and her work crew. It’s the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival at the moment and lots of the top restaurants in Melbourne are having express lunches – 2 courses and a glass for wine for $30. So we went to Florentino’s which is always lovely. My sticky date pudding dessert wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but it wasn’t the worst either. Can you tell I’m obsessed with dessert?

I have a friend coming round for dinner tonight, he was dumped by his girlfriend a few weeks ago so I thought he needed cheering up. The boy will play Sonic v Mario Olympics on the Wii with him for entertainment so that should be fun.

5 days til I get my new car! So, so excited.

Poor little Huffle got locked outside all night on Tuesday! I went to bed early because I had a headache, and the boy thought she was upstairs with me but she was outside. She is not an outside cat and was most unimpressed in the morning when we found her sitting outside the back door looking pathetic. She came and meowed at me for a good 5 minutes in the bathroom to tell me all about it. (By the way, I don’t speak cat but she sounded VERY unhappy).


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