It’s 37degC in Melbourne today. Way too hot to go out. The boy and I did venture out for breakfast but now we’re back home in the air conditioning. Yesterday my sister and I went shopping to Chadstone. I don’t really like it there, the layout is confusing and you have to do laps of the place to see all the shops. I did buy some new boots and shoes though, so that was good.

Saturday night my folks came for dinner. I cooked a roast, and chocolate souffle for dessert. It was yummy! My father (Mr Dad) has a lovely puppy called Buckley – he is a Swiss White Shepherd. He looks like a german shepherd but is completely white. He is a beautiful dog.

Isn’t he lovely? He currently weighs 56kg. The vet said he might have to go on a diet. He’s just a bit over two years old.

Today I have to do the grocery shopping. This is not an exciting concept to me, but it has to be done. Otherwise we don’t eat! The boy doesn’t do grocery shopping so I have to do it. At least I get to choose what I want, I suppose.


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