Shoe Project

Why is it that the hot weather (so hot that you can’t do anything except stay inside where it’s a bit cooler) always comes on the weekends? I wouldn’t mind if it was so hot during the week, I work in a lovely big air conditioned building then! Oh well.

I have finally taken a photo of my new shoes for my shoe project. Here they are:

Aren’t they lovely?

So I probably haven’t explained what my shoe project is yet. Basically, I have too many shoes to keep in the wardrobe (77 pairs and counting) so I keep them all in their boxes in a tower (actually 7) next to the wardrobe. Because there are so many, I forget which shoes are in which box so I have taken photos of each pair of shoes and stuck the photo on the front of the box. It makes life so much easier when I am looking for a particular pairs of shoes in the morning. There are probably also another 15 or so pairs not in their boxes inside the wardrobe.

One day when we get a bigger house I am going to get proper shoe racks built into our wardrobe. That will make life easier.

The boy only owns six pairs of shoes. He doesn’t need much room.

Last night we went out for dinner to Jacques Reymond. If you live in Melbourne, go there. It was magnificent. Okay so it was also expensive but we knew that and were prepared to spend our money. We had the 7-course degustation menu with the accompanying wines. Probably could have done without the glasses of Dom Perignon when we arrived there. But I highly recommend it.


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