Further invasion

We found more ants this morning. We can’t find where they’re coming in the house; it’s really annoying. The boy brought me my coffee in bed this morning and I found two ants floating in it! We think they might have somehow climbed into the kettle. I can’t imagine they enjoyed being boiled to death.

It’s the second day of a four-day long weekend today. Yesterday I didn’t achieve very much. Today I will do some washing and the grocery shopping. Even though I only do the shopping every second week it seems to come around so quickly. We think we might get a new kettle too.

The little black cat has her own blog now. Talk about spoilt! I have also added some new things to my blog – the daily puppy you can see on the left there. I love puppies.

We have to start planning for our trip to Canada soon. I’m so excited to be seeing polar bears in their natural habitat! Speaking of polar bears, I was watching a documentary about Spitzburgen in Norway yesterday, where they have had two fatal polar bear attacks on humans, and no-one can figure out why. Hello, humans in the polar bears’ home? How stupid can you get?


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