Farewell long weekend

It’s been quite a nice long weekend here. The weather has been pleasant (not too hot) and there have been some nice outings. Friday the boy and I did nothing, we watched TV and chilled out on the couch. Saturday I did the grocery shopping. Fairly unexciting. Yesterday we had breakfast with my folks and my sister, then in the afternoon I went to a party at my aunt’s house. The boy didn’t come, he didn’t feel like going out. I was mildly annoyed with him but hey, he didn’t get any dinner so I feel retribution was swift!

Today the boy went to work all day, so I entertained myself in the house doing domestic duties, then I went shopping and bought a new kettle (I don’t think he likes it but too bad) and some new shoes.

I’ve now done 340km in my new car! It’s only taken three weeks.

The little black cat has been wandering around meowing at us this evening. We have no idea why. She is weird.

This morning after the boy went to work I discovered a spider in the bedroom! Now I am the biggest arachnophobe on the planet so this was not a good thing. I stood on the bed and screamed a bit but no-one was home but the little black cat who is not interested in anything except her mouses and sleeping. Screaming got me nowhere. I had to get the flyspray and kill the spider. I think I used half a can of spray. He fell into the airconditioner but never came out again so it might be dead. I hope so anyway.


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