Busy times

It’s been a very busy week. Tuesday I had a pedicure after work and I was meant to catch up with some girlfriends for dinner but sadly the mother of one of them died over easter so she wasn’t really feeling up to going out. Fair enough too.

Wednesday was crazy weather day in Melbourne. We had winds over 100km/hr and there was a lot of damage. Trees down, power lines damaged, trains and trams cancelled (the boy had to come and pick me up from work because there was no tram for me to get home on). And when we got home we found we had no electricity. Great! So we went out for dinner since it’s a bit hard to cook with no power. By the time we got home it was back on which was just as well. I went to see Ross Noble (part of the comedy festival) and the boy would have been most unhappy to sit at home in the dark with nothing to do! By the way, I think Ross Noble is the most insane, but funniest man on the planet. If you ever get the chance, see him live. Hysterical. My face was hurting from laughing so much by the time we left.

Last night I had a massage. Very relaxing although I have managed to hurt my right shoulder somehow. No idea what I’ve done to it. But it hurts.

Tomorrow is the boy’s birthday. He’ll be 35. Talk about old! I can say that because he is older than me 🙂 We will go out for breakfast and then to visit his sister (her birthday is Sunday) and then we are going out for dinner to MoVida. It is marvellous there, if you ever get the chance, go! Later I will tell you what his presents are, after I’ve given them to him. (He might read this in advance and we can’t have that)


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