Long weekend

It’s Thursday night, tomorrow is a holiday (ANZAC Day in Australia) and I have no plans for the next three days (aside from dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Mr Dad’s birthday). The boy is not sure that having no plans is a good idea; he thinks I get bored too quickly. I will keep myself entertained since he is going to work all weekend anyway!

I still haven’t done any video editing of the film I took of Buckley so that’s a whole afternoon right there. I am not that proficient in iMovie yet so it should keep me occupied for ages.

This afternoon we both left work early and drove to Lilydale to test drive a car. The boy is jealous of my Wiggy and wants a new car of his own. We drove it, we loved it, we signed on the dotted line. Well, he did. I signed the credit card receipt for the deposit. It should be ready on Saturday of next weekend. Exciting! After that purchase, I think we will have a) run out of money to buy things and b) run out of things to buy that we actually need, as opposed to just what we want.

I spoke to the travel agent this week – she is looking at our holiday suggestions and trying to put together an itinerary for us. Can’t wait to see the polar bears!


One response to “Long weekend

  1. BenTheRotti April 25, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    Polar Bears!! Pfffft!you know you could fly to the UK and meet a real life, better than Polar Bears, Rottie :pBen xxxxxx

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