The effects of drought

Here in Australia we’ve been suffering from a drought for the last eleven years. Today I thought I’d show you the effects of being on water restrictions that prevent you from using any water outside the house for two years.

This is the wasteland we call our backyard.

The cats love to lie in the dirt when it’s been dry for a few days, then drag dust and dry leaves through the house. That doesn’t thrill me.

The only plants I’ve been able to keep alive are in pots. And that’s just because I water them with a watering can every second weekend. Here’s the lavender:

And here are the herbs:

As you can see, we have no grass and one of the trees is dying. You can also see that our backyard is very small which is why I don’t have a dog right now.


One response to “The effects of drought

  1. BenTheRotti May 1, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    I could come water those plants, trees and lawn for you.. I’m a prolific waterer heheheBen xxxx

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