To illustrate…

Here I am, somewhere in an office building in downtown Melbourne, learning all about the design program Illustrator. I have to say the class is nice, the teacher is excellent, and I am learning a fair bit but it just reminds me that I hate school and there is no way I’d ever go back to get a Masters degree or anything else. This two day course is enough for me! I plan to do an Indesign and a Photoshop course later in the year but really, I couldn’t face any more than that.

This weekend is a fairly quiet one. Tonight I might go to a party at a friend’s house but last night I had a bad headache so I will see how I feel when I am finished with the learning. Tomorrow I have no plans but Sunday I will have lunch with some friends at Mirka’s at Tolarno in St Kilda. I have heard good things about it so hopefully it will be nice! And of course I have to do the domestic goddess business… washing and shopping for groceries. Everyone is so jealous of my life… not!


One response to “To illustrate…

  1. cyber-sibes May 30, 2008 at 12:02 am

    We were back-tracking, reading your blog- our hu-mom spends all day every day working with Illustrator. (Except when she’s goofing off reading blogs). She just finished an 8-week course in Indesign… now if she could only find a job… more treats for us. ~Star & Jack

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