What’s in my handbag?

There are a lot of things in my handbag. Here’s a picture:
So the list goes something like this:

  • The bag itself (Prada. I LOVE IT.)
  • Purse (also Prada. Bought to match the bag)
  • Sunglasses (you guessed it, Prada. I am a total princess)
  • Two mobile phones (one for work, one for home. Gets confusing sometimes)
  • Ipod (say he is pretty!)
  • Keys (our house, our cars, key to my house which is rented out and therefore unaccessible to me anyway, assorted keyrings including the Guide Dog Association for which I am a puppy sponsor)
  • Two packets of tissues (why two? And they are both new!)
  • Data key (you never know…)
  • Security pass for work, along with remote access thingy and key to first aid room
  • Diary (I had a palm pilot, it failed me all too often, I have gone back to reliable paper this year)
  • Flight details for my trip to Mildura on Monday
  • Makeup bag which contains NO makeup but lip balm and aspirin, also bandaids
  • Nurofen for when I feel migraines coming on
  • Metcard wallet with tram tickets inside (possibly expired; I should check those)
  • Mints
  • Business card holder full of business cards I always forget to give out
  • Keys to my postbox which I always forget to empty

Is anyone else thinking I carry around too much crap? No wonder my shoulder hurts!


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