More travel around the state

So I’ve spent this week travelling around the state again. Monday I was in Mildura, Wednesday and Thursday I was in Horsham. Next week I have three days in Gippsland and then finally it’s all over! I can get back to a normal schedule. Until I go to Wodonga and Kerang in July. But that’s another two months away so I can live with that.

It’s my sister’s birthday on Tuesday so we are going out for dinner tonight. She finally decided she wanted the perfume for her birthday so I’ll be off to the shops shortly to get that. At least she made a decision.

I had a haircut last night. My hairdresser has had so much trouble with staff lately. The new apprentice he hired about six months ago started stealing from him so she had to go. The second-in-charge hairdresser developed a serious drug problem and didn’t want to come to work any more so she had to go too. He is wondering what he did in a previous life to deserve this. All I can say is he must have been very naughty! My new haircut is lovely, by the way. I have a fringe for the first time in about 15 years.

Next week I will post some pictures from my trip to Horsham so you can see just how bad the drought is affecting some regions of my home state. It isn’t pretty.


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