All the best intentions

I did, I had the best intentions about blogging more often. Unfortunately I spent three days in Gippsland this week without my computer which made it a bit difficult. Ah well, maybe next week I can keep that promise.

In my last post I promised to show some photos of what a drought looks like in a first world country. Here’s the first photo: This is the Wimmera River in Western Victoria. A few years ago there was water in it. Now there’s none and the people of the region wonder if there will ever be water in the river again.

This is Lake Hindmarsh, in the same region. 22,000 acres of water. Well, it used to be. Now it’s 22,000 acres of dry lake bed.

This is another shot of the Wimmera River, further upstream. Still not a lot of water.

All those people who live in Melbourne and complain about our strict water restrictions should take a visit to one of these regions for a reality check.


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