Update on the shoe project

This is my newest pair of shoes. They are red suede and just lovely! They are the first pair of shoes I’ve bought since the beginning of April. I think that’s a good effort.

FYI, I just counted my shoes and I have 81 pairs. I will have to make it an even hundred!

The boy has gone to work today so I am home alone again. I have done all the washing so I’m not sure what I should do next. The cleaners were here yesterday so the house is clean… there is ironing to do but I hate doing it so I am procrastinating about that. Perhaps I’ll watch a movie; I have about 12 saved on the IQ so I should get around to watching them.

The boy said I should go shoe shopping or something today but I might do that on Monday because I am positive he will go to work again even though it’s a public holiday in Melbourne.

Two posts in a row, I’m getting better.

A friend of mine has just gotten an iPhone. I’m EXTREMELY jealous. I want one now, even though my mobile is perfectly good and I actually do love it. But I want an iPhone.


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