Monday report

Well it certainly was a busy weekend in the end. We had the kids over for dinner on Friday night and the lasagne was a big success. One of the girl’s partners didn’t like the passionfruit creme brulee but he was the only one so I’m counting it as a success. All in all it was a good night.

Saturday we ventured over to the evil place to get my replacement iPod. They had called me on Friday to say that the warranty people could either try and get it repaired for me, or I could have a store credit for about $215 to put towards something else. I decided a new iPod would be a good plan. Only trouble is, when we got there, they had run out of the model I wanted so I have to wait until more come in! The man is going to ring me today but I am very disappointed – I wanted my new toy on Saturday. We also went to a local cafe for lunch. Then we decided that we’d quite like some greek food for dinner so we went to Vessarios that night. The food was great but the service left a lot to be desired.

Yesterday the boy and I went out for breakfast. We were going to go to Birdman Eating in Gertrude Street but it was full so we went to Vibe on Smith Street instead. The food was not bad, obviously not as good as Filter but still perfectly edible. Then the boy went to work and I went shopping for a new doona. The one we have (which I quite like) is too hot for the boy and makes him sweat. So I bought a much thinner one, which we tested last night. I was warm but not toasty, but he thought it was still a bit warm. It will have to do, if we get one any thinner I will be cold!

I also did the grocery shopping yesterday. Such fun!


One response to “Monday report

  1. Debstar July 16, 2008 at 8:48 am

    There will always be one person in a party who will have issues with food.In my case its by daughter’s boyfriend who won’t eat vegetables or anything with onion in it. My husband rarely eats desert, I wish I could say the same.

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