Woohoo it’s the weekend!

And we all love weekends around here. I get to sleep in, I get coffee in bed, Huffle gets to sleep in with me, it’s all good.

Tonight I am going to the Gin Palace with some friends. It’s a groovy little bar and very hard to find. Last time I went there I spent 10 minutes searching for the front door. Hopeless. And I have a good sense of direction! God help those who don’t. Anyway.

Tomorrow I have a haircut at 11am. Then we are either going to look at a house or go and get my new digital camera. Either way I’m happy. I might cook a roast for dinner. Sunday I have no plans. Maybe I should go shopping with my sister. There is nothing I want to buy though. That’s a bit tragic.

Ooooh on Saturday 9 August I am taking Mr Dad to see Collingwood v St Kilda at the MCG. But we are going to the President’s Lunch! I mean dinner. He’s so excited. I decided that since I took my mother to see Michael Buble (and boy am I a fan now), Mr Dad should get to do something he likes too. The tickets arrived today and even I am looking forward to it. You get a nice three course meal and all the drinks you want and great seating. It’s the only way to go to the football, in my opinion.

Planning for the holiday continues. We need to get thermal underwear now.

By the way, Mr Dad is recovering VERY well from his operation. He is even allowed to drive now, and has gone back to work a few hours each day. It’s looking good for him.


One response to “Woohoo it’s the weekend!

  1. Debstar July 18, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    There’s got to be another pair of shoes out there with your name on it.

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