Work gets in the way sometimes

I’ve just spent two days in Wodonga. Not the most exciting place on the planet. And damn cold at night. Last night it got down to -2 deg. Ugh. I did go on a nice tour of the region though: here are some photos.

This one is a winery near Beechworth called Amulet Wines:

These are some cows that posed nicely under a tree for me:

This is some revegetation work being done on the banks of the Ovens River:

And this is a walnut farm in the region:
The tour was quite good and we saw some interesting stuff. We had dinner with the North East CMA Board Wednesday night, then had our Council meeting today. I’m fairly tired now, my mob are demanding and a regional trip is always hard work. Ah well, it is Friday tomorrow.

P.S. these photos were not taken with my new super camera. I used the work one for that. It’s a Panasonic T50 (I think).


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