How did it get to Saturday already?

I don’t know where the week goes. Just a minute ago it was Thursday evening and I’d just gotten back from Wodonga. Now it’s already Saturday evening (and I am demonstrating my exciting life by writing my blog whilst sitting here in trackies and eating chocolate lol).

Friday I woke up with a mild headache. Friday night I went to bed with a massive headache. This morning I woke up with the headache again! ARGH why me? Finally, after two days, it is gone. I have had aspirin, nurofen, mersyndol and disprin max to try and deal with this one. It’s probably the worst headache I’ve had in months. Not good.

Anyway, this morning a friend came to visit to raid my shoe collection (87 pairs, remember). She is going to some event and has the great dress but no shoes. Sadly my feet are bigger than hers and the perfect shoes would have fallen off all night. So we decided to go out for lunch instead, then went into town to do some emergency shoe shopping. I am pleased to say she got the PERFECT pair of shoes (we took the dress to make sure). I found two pairs of shoes that I might have to go back and look at again. Manolo Blahnik will send me bankrupt one day.

This afternoon, after the successful shoe shopping that wasn’t even for me, the boy and I went to Mountain Design to buy toasty clothes for the upcoming holiday. We spent a LOT of money but have many nice things to show for it. He is currently sitting here in his polar fleece pants, polar fleece slippers, merino hoodie top and down puffy vest, marvelling at how toasty he is. I’m surprised he isn’t wearing the beanie and gloves as well as the thermal underwear. But he’s happy and now almost convinced that he won’t freeze in Canada. It’s all good.

Not surprisingly, the evil place has not rung to say my new iPod has arrived yet.


One response to “How did it get to Saturday already?

  1. Debstar July 27, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    When it comes to shoes this is where you and I definately are poles apart.Many moons ago I posted this’s the only footwear I like except maybe for my runners which are the best runners ever.

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