Monday, Monday… so good to me

Not really. A rash statement really. Okay so the Olympics are over – thank god! I’m bored and over it. Pleased to see the relative of a friend win a gold medal though – makes it a bit more interesting. But now TV can get back to normal boring programming. Wait… what am I wishing for here?

Squishy (aka Samuel Andrew) was mighty cute for a two-day-old baby. Mum is doing well and going home from hospital today. Lunch yesterday with friends was very nice.

Huffle was sick yesterday. Which in itself isn’t so bad, everyone gets sick but she managed to throw up on the spare bed and the carpet upstairs. I made the boy clean it up because I wouldn’t be able to. Actually I wasn’t home at the time so that was even better.


One response to “Monday, Monday… so good to me

  1. Debstar August 25, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    I’d make the worlds worst nurse. Vomit makes me gag.

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