Monday Madness

And a weekend report. On Saturday, I was going to the Epworth Hospital to visit my father who had just had shoulder surgery (the poor man cannot catch a break this year) when my mother rang me to say he was being discharged and I should come visit him at their house instead. She said they’d be home around 1pm. I got there at 2pm and they weren’t home. I sat on the front step and waited (having rung them and ascertained that they would be home in 15 minutes) and waited and waited. 40 minutes later they showed up. Apparently “traffic was bad”. Okay so the spring racing carnival has this city in a tizz. I’m glad it’s over. Anyhow, he’s fine and recovering nicely and should allegedly have full movement back in his shoulder by Christmas.

Saturday night the boy and I attended a 40th birthday party at the Glasshouse Hotel in Collingwood. Never even knew the pub was there. It was nice but the band was loud. I must be getting old or something. We stayed a couple of hours then headed home. Yesterday I did my domestic goddess thing and did all the washing and cleaned the kitchen. Okay, so that involved just doing a few dishes since the cleaning lady was there on Friday but still! It was housework!

I have decided that I am not having enough fun at my job any more – I think it’s because I’m a bit bored. I will speak to my boss about this. Getting out of bed this morning was a hardship and it’s not usually.

I am thinking about getting a wide angle lens for my camera. This would also mean I need a new bag to carry all my camera equipment around in. Should I do it? It would mean that I don’t have to keep the super zoom lens in its separate bag. And I do like that idea. It weighs a fair bit and is a nuisance to cart around separately. One large backpack for everything could be a very good idea. I think I’ve nearly talked myself into it.

It’s my birthday in three weeks and three days. I like birthdays!


2 responses to “Monday Madness

  1. Debstar November 10, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    Sounds like a top plan to me.Have you had photography lessons?

  2. Steve, Kat, & Wilbur November 18, 2008 at 3:57 am

    Did I tell you that I’m a big copy cat and bought a camera just like yours? I put another lens for it on my Christmas list. The 55-200mm lens. The camera is great and even David likes it, which is good because he doesn’t mind taking pictures now. I want to get the little remote for it so I can use a tripod to take pictures of us with the pups and not have to run back and forth to set the timer!

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