What I’ve done this week (by Tracey)

On Saturday afternoon, there was a knock on our front door. It was the next door neighbour. The woman who owns the house has a revolving door of room mates so we’d never seen this one before. Anyway she introduced herself and said that she was having a 30th birthday party that night, she promised to turn the music off at midnight and said we should come over for a drink if we wanted. Very good, thanks for telling us.

She also said that the neighbours across the road were having a party. An engagement party for 120 people. Only they hadn’t bothered to tell anyone in the street. She only found out because she was doing the right thing and telling them about her party. Their music, with what seemed like some extraordinarily loud bongo drums, was still going full blast at 1am. Along with approximately half of the 120 people all standing out in the street talking at the tops of their voices.

Earplugs and sleeping tablets were required. The neighbours across the road, whom I didn’t like in the first place, are now totally on my shit list. The sooner we move out of this house the better.

A few weeks ago, I won two tickets to an advance screening of the movie Duplicity, starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Last night was the showing so a friend and I showed up at the Crown Cinemas 10 minutes ahead of the allotted time. So did about 200 other people. There was ONE person there ticking names off a list. Then we had to queue up to hand in our mobile phones so that no-one could take a bootleg of the movie. The 6.30pm session started some time after 7pm.

The movie was long and confusing, and not very good. Lucky I didn’t have to pay to see it or I would have been asking for my money back. Then, the mother of all fuck-ups happened. Our phones were put in envelopes with little tickets on them and we were given the other half of the ticket so we could claim them back at the end of the film. Only the stupid moron of a security guard used two of every ticket, so there were two envelopes with the same numbers on them. Which meant we had to wait while he went through them one by one, and the two people who had the same numbered ticket had to look in the envelopes and agree that they were getting their own phones back. I wanted to hit him as hard as I could with a very heavy object. I settled for telling him he was an idiot and surely it wasn’t that hard to get something like this right.

THEN we were driving out of the carpark. It’s one of those where you get a ticket when you go on, and on the way out you stop at the pay station, pay for the ticket, then just put that in the machine at the exit. The idiot in front of us didn’t pay for his ticket, so he couldn’t get out. There were already four cars behind me at this point, so we couldn’t go anywhere. Security had to come and let him out, but first they argued with him for FIVE MINUTES. Like that’s going to make a difference! He still hasn’t paid for his effing ticket and we still can’t move! I honked my horn a few times to show my displeasure.

It was not a good night. And I didn’t get home until 9.30pm.

p.s. Sorry for all the swearing. I am still annoyed.


2 responses to “What I’ve done this week (by Tracey)

  1. Sitka, Tia, & Cornelia Marie March 18, 2009 at 8:29 am

    And rightfully so… you have the right to be annoyed at all of that stupidity!

  2. jen March 18, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    one of the few good things about living out in the country is that we generally don’t have to deal with loud parties.

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