Teaching an old dog new tricks

I’ve spent the past three days in school, learning how to use InDesign. It’s something I use at work to do our publications, so it’s handy to know a few more tricks. It was good, and the teacher was really interesting, so that was good too, but it’s convinced me once again that there is no way in hell I could ever go back to university. Being in a class room is not my idea of a good time. Three days was more than enough for me.

I got my certificate and a bonus prize of two free movie tickets. It’s a shame there are no good movies to go and see at the moment.

The weekend stretches ahead of me which is nice. It’s Mother’s Day here on Sunday so we’re taking mum out for brunch. I got her some cooking DVDs so that should keep her entertained for a while. Hope she doesn’t read this before then.

Hey look! I even managed to change the colour of my blog without breaking anything! Okay so I didn’t learn that in InDesign but still, it’s worth mentioning.


One response to “Teaching an old dog new tricks

  1. Steve, Kat, & Wilbur May 10, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    I agree that there aren’t any good movies out. Hubby wants to see Star Trek, but I haven’t even seen any of the TV shows nor do I have much interest. You could always save the tickets for Harry Potter in the summer!

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