Before and After

To demonstrate the effect of both drought and floods on our landscape, here are a couple of before and after shots.  The first photo is a shot of the Wimmera River in a town called Jeparit, in north west Victoria, taken on 30 May 2008.  Followed by a photo of exactly the same spot, taken on 8 February 2011.


Jeparit 02

The trees are still dead, but they’ll probably come back in a few months.  I plan to go back in Spring and see how they’re doing.

Next is a shot of Four Mile Beach, a popular camping and swimming spot on the shores of Lake Hindmarsh, which is Victoria’s largest fresh water lake.  Again, the first photo was taken on 30 May 2008, and shows the lake as completely dry.  The second photo was taken on 8 February 2011, and shows the effects of three months of flooding rain in the region.


Lake Hindmarsh

Amazing stuff.


2 responses to “Before and After

  1. Barb @ AgingGracefully-ish February 21, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Nature IS amazing stuff! We, as humans, absolute idiots to think that there’s much we can do to change nature. The Swamp completely dried up a few years ago when we were in the worst drought in recorded history for our area. We put out pool liners that are normally used for koi ponds for the beavers and kiddie pools for the geese and birds and raccoons, etc. It was pathetic.

    It looks so much better with water and greenery. I can’t wait for Spring and green again!

  2. Denise February 21, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Wow, I’m amazed! Good job, great photos! I really loved to know the places are getting better now!

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