Today we’re all about the shoes

Visited this site before? Then you know I love shoes. New to this site? You’ll soon find out I love shoes. And to prove it, here are some of my recent purchases.

Leather D 'orsay Wedges

Suede Wedges

Copper Flats

Since we are heading into winter, I have been seeing loads of black wedges around. I love black wedges, and I have to stop myself from buying every pair I see. It is a serious addiction, see.

Now on to a serious matter. If you click on my Reading List page, you’ll see a website called I’ve been reading and commenting on this website since the day it started, almost two years ago. The founder, Amber, runs a series of fashion and beauty blogs. They are her job and her source of income. Recently, another person has pinched the name Shoeperwoman and started two websites using the name. She is trying to take the easy road and take advantage of Amber’s hard work and dedication for her own purposes. Now, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to use content from my own blog since it is usually just my ramblings about useless things, but if they did I’d be mighty unhappy. If this blog was my JOB I’d be even unhappier. Amber of course has had some words with this woman, who is now threatening police action.  Against a person who had the name first.  Amazing.  Anyway my point is, support Amber and support Shoeperwoman!  She did it first and she does it best.


3 responses to “Today we’re all about the shoes

  1. iphonographi April 9, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    you like shoes? really?! who knew! hahahaha!

    I had no idea shoe issues were so serious.

    I’m pretty sure that Laura person hasn’t a shoe to stand on. Just because she filed to copyright the name doesn’t mean she actually wi9ll be able to… I’m also pretty sure she can’t do anything about domain unless Amber neglects to renew the domain name.

  2. Kate April 10, 2011 at 7:33 am

    I’m sorry to hear about what is happening to your friend. That just sucks. If I really like something I see on another site, I will use it, but I ALWAYS link to them in the post…it’s the least that’s expected. I hope this leech learns very soon how crummy it feels to have ideas stolen.

  3. Denise April 10, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Well, first of all, I loved your new shoes! Loooved them, really! Especially the second pair!
    Second, I have been posting some comments on Amber’s situation now… I am sooo shocked! I wrote about that today, but honestly, you did a much better job… I didn’t even post things (read, shoes!) yesterday after I got to know what was going on… I was really shocked. I told Amber that her blog and challenge helped me a lot this year, concerning the sad phase I was going through… so, definitely, I hope she solves the issue as soon as possible, it’s unfair to create something and to see it being misused and stolen!
    Have a great Sunday!!!!

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