Sick leave

When I was at primary school, I don’t remember ever taking a day off school because I was sick.  If I wasn’t hospitalised, I went to school.  When my parents visited northern Victoria for a week during the school term, I had a week off from my school, but I went to the local primary school in Robinvale for a week.  So I still claim I didn’t have a day off school just for the hell of it.

When I was in high school, I remember having three days off school.  One was when I had an ingrown toenail operated on and I stayed home for two days, mostly because I couldn’t wear a shoe on that foot.  Another time, I had stepped on a carpet needle and had to have emergency surgery to have it removed, as it went through a joint in my foot and broke off.  Unbelievably, my mother sent me to school the day after the operation (on crutches) and was called by the principal to come and get me.  I stayed home for a week that time.

The final time I remember having a day off was in Year 11, in December after all our exams were done.  My friends and I convinced our mothers to write us a note each for one day off sick.  We all went to the movies and to Luna Park for the day.  It was awesome.  No-one ever questioned why all nine of us were sick on the same day.

This habit of not taking sick days just because I felt like it has carried through to my work life.  I take a day off if I have a migraine, mostly because the work bathroom is too far from my desk when I need to throw up, or if I have a really bad cold (or anything more serious, obviously.  Like when I was 23 and had a stroke.  I needed a month off then).  As a result of this dedication to actually getting out of bed every morning, I have so many sick leave hours banked up that I could take four months off at once if I needed to.

Hopefully I never need to.


3 responses to “Sick leave

  1. Barb and The DailyGs July 16, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    You had a stroke at 23?!! My goodness!

    I haven’t called in sick in well over 30-35 years. And it was because I had to have surgery. At the time, I was the office manager in the corporate setting. I was constantly astounded by how often and easily my employees could lie to me without a modicum of guilt despite being fully aware of my disbelief. Being me, I, of course said something completely sensitive and compassionate like, “Oh? Monday-itis again?” or “Too much booze again last night?” or “Can’t you think of something more original?”. Because I’m nothing if not understanding.

  2. jen July 17, 2012 at 7:31 am

    Between the pregnancy from hell and needing sinus surgery, I unfortunately missed a lot of time at my last job. The thing that kept me coming in even when I felt like I wanted to die was the fact that they were paying me and I didn’t want to lose that paycheck.

  3. pitgat July 18, 2012 at 1:35 am

    I have the same way, not calling in sick. I had to do that twice only. Once I was hit by a car in front of my work place, so it was obvious – people from there even saw it. The other was a surgery and my boss accepted it, of course. But my God, you hit a needle, when I read that I even felt pain! Glad you never had to call in sick anymore and hey, how much fun was that day you descrbed – 9 going to the cinema!

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