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Why yes, I did go shopping this weekend

And I did buy shoes.

Orange Sandals
Joanne Mercer “Daybreak” wedges

And I am very much looking forward to wearing them… as soon as the weather improves again.


Shoe Challenge 25

This week I managed to save one more dress. Unfortunately it was a new dress so the ratio of dresses to saved dresses has not changed.

Saved 120904
Leona Edmiston dress (new favourite); Wittner peep toes (already saved)
Worn to: work

As you can see from the peep toes, we actually had a really nice day here on Tuesday and I managed to leave the house without tights! It was very exciting.

I also bought these shoes, to wear with the navy dress I got a few weeks ago. I’ll be wearing the shoes and dress to my cousin’s wedding in November.

Betts “Lola2” silver peep toes.

Shoe Challenge 24

This week I have been very, very bad.  Not only did I not save any shoes, I only saved one dress and bought TWO more.  Bad.

Saved 120827
Leona Edmiston dress; Wittner wedges
Worn to: work

I did indeed buy the navy dress mentioned last week, and then I bought this dress too.

My dear boy is having a small procedure in hospital tomorrow. It’s nothing serious but he will be knocked out for it; some good vibes would be appreciated!

Shoe advice required

Folks, if I buy this dress (and let’s face it, I probably will), what colour shoes should I wear with it?  Please don’t say navy.

Leona Edmiston "Jacinta" dress

Shoe Challenge 21

No dresses were saved this week.  And yesterday I bought a new dress.  I can’t help it.  The spring clothes are in the shops and I got over excited.  I will show it to you soon enough.

I also didn’t wear any new shoes this week but I did wear a pair last week that I forgot to photograph, so here they are.

Wittner purple jewel flats; worn with jeans and t-shirt
Worn to: brunch last Sunday

I actually did take a photo of them on my foot but I didn’t realise until I went to put the photo here that it is a bit blurry. But it’s in the FlickR photostream if you really want to see it.

I also bought a new pair of shoes this week.

Navy Patent Heels

Nothing fancy but I only have one pair of navy shoes and I needed more. They’ll be good for work as they’re not too high.

Miu Miu

Need I say more?


Because YUM!


You really need to try the berry yoghurt, or the blood orange, or… actually you need to try them all.  Except the salted caramel.  Because that’s my favourite and I want them all.

Macarons courtesy of Shocolate in Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

For those of you waiting with great excitement to hear about the progress on the renovations, the meeting with the builder has been put off til next Monday.  Hmpf.

Behold the magnificence!

Yes, I’m talking about a new pair of shoes!  What else?

These are Miu Miu, they are purple suede and I might just wear them to bed for the next week because I love them so much.


And for Barb, or was it Deb, who suggested I might actually be a bag lady with nice shoes, here are four of my favourite dresses. I have 54 dresses in total. Not including the one I ordered last week and am still waiting for.





I’m not even going to bother showing you any of the 23 skirts I own, or the 10 pairs of trousers, or the six pairs of jeans. Just trust me

Bribery and corruption in the house of Tracey

Recently, the boy and I were meant to do something together, regarding the house renovations.  He rang me at work on that particular day and said he couldn’t make it, and that since he was cancelling I was allowed to go and buy some shoes.  I am never one to turn down a shoe shopping expedition, so today I went to the shops, and came home with these.

The first pair are by Leona Edmiston.  I already love them.
Edmiston 03

The second pair are Yves Saint Laurent “Tribtoo” heels. I love these too.
YSL Tribtoo 01

The best part is, I had a budget and I haven’t spent it all which means I get to buy more shoes!

No, I’m not addicted. Why would you say that?

Today we’re all about the shoes

Visited this site before? Then you know I love shoes. New to this site? You’ll soon find out I love shoes. And to prove it, here are some of my recent purchases.

Leather D 'orsay Wedges

Suede Wedges

Copper Flats

Since we are heading into winter, I have been seeing loads of black wedges around. I love black wedges, and I have to stop myself from buying every pair I see. It is a serious addiction, see.

Now on to a serious matter. If you click on my Reading List page, you’ll see a website called I’ve been reading and commenting on this website since the day it started, almost two years ago. The founder, Amber, runs a series of fashion and beauty blogs. They are her job and her source of income. Recently, another person has pinched the name Shoeperwoman and started two websites using the name. She is trying to take the easy road and take advantage of Amber’s hard work and dedication for her own purposes. Now, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to use content from my own blog since it is usually just my ramblings about useless things, but if they did I’d be mighty unhappy. If this blog was my JOB I’d be even unhappier. Amber of course has had some words with this woman, who is now threatening police action.  Against a person who had the name first.  Amazing.  Anyway my point is, support Amber and support Shoeperwoman!  She did it first and she does it best.

In sickness and in health

It’s lucky he loves me in sickness and in health, because I have a serious sickness.
Tan Wedge Slingbacks
Dark Brown Wedges
Black Sandals

See what happens when you’re the only person in your team at work and no-one is forcing you to come back from your lunch break in a hurry?


Seriously, it is a disease.

Sparkly Flats

Black Wedges

Flower Flats

And my new favourite shoes:
Purple Suede 04

See how nice they look?
Purple Suede 05

Do they have a name for this?

“This” being an addiction to shoes.

Nude Patent PeepToe 01

I mean, there has to be some medical research done somewhere, right?

Nude Patent Peeptoe 02
(my leg looks fat in that photo. It’s not really)

Oh well, who cares? I love my new shoes.

It was only a matter of time…

Black Suede Wedges

My precious

I didn’t really know I needed an iPad until I got one. The boy decided a few weeks ago that he wanted one, and there was no way I was going to miss out, so I pre-ordered two. I got the 3G version, he just got wi-fi. Of course, we had to wait until last week for them to be available in Australia, but they went on sale last Friday at 9am and ours were delivered to the boy’s office at 9.05am. All good.


And oh how I love it! Playing games on my iPhone seems so crazy now. Why use that when I can have this glorious large screen? We both use our iPads a lot at home, and the boy takes his to work every day.  I have no idea why, as the computer set-up on his desk includes FOUR screens, but as long as he’s happy, I guess.  I can sit on the couch and read my emails, keep up with FaceBook, play games… the possibilities are endless.  I have even downloaded some books.  I still think the Kindle is better for reading, and there are no current books available in Australia – I’ve downloaded such lofty tomes as Moby Dick, The Three Musketeers, etc.

Just as an aside, I now own an iMac, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, and three iPods.

I wish I’d bought shares in Apple.