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I love cows.  I have always loved cows.  So when I saw these guys whilst out on a work trip last week, I had to get a photo.


They even obliged by mostly looking at me.




This is our next door neighbour’s dog.  Her name is Georgia and she’s a Staffordshire Terrier.  She’s a sweet girl who was whining at me as I was standing there taking a photo of her; she wanted to come and say hello.

The reason I know her name is Georgia is not because I have met her and patted her.  No, it’s because I hear the neighbours (we do NOT like them but that’s a story for another time) yelling at her to be quiet.  All the time.  The poor dog is left outside in their backyard all day and all night by herself, and she is bored and lonely.  So she barks.  I have never seen them walk the dog; this is the first time I’ve actually seen the dog inside.  I feel really sorry for Georgia.


One day when we move house, I might ring up the RSPCA and complain.  But not before then; they’ll know it’s me.

Playing hooky

On Tuesday, the boy and I decided that we would be sneaky and take the afternoon off work to go and visit the Museum.  Specifically, we wanted to the see A Day in Pompeii exhibition.  So we left work at 2pm, went and had some lunch, then trotted off to see the exhibition.

We weren’t allowed to take any photos which is a shame, because it was very good.  The plaster casts of actual bodies that were buried in the ashes and lava were amazing, in an eerie sort of way.  It was well worth it.

Our Pompeii tickets let us in to the rest of the museum, so we wandered around all the galleries and found this really cool dinosaur bones one.  I just took one quick photo with the iPhone; sorry it’s not better quality.

It was a great day out and we thought maybe we should do it more often.  Not sure how either of our work places will feel about that. 🙂


I love cows.  And although this one kept giving me the evil eye for getting too close to her calf, I still got a photo.


Whale Tail

If you’re not quick with the camera, you don’t get a photo. But you see the most amazing things.  Taken at Kaikoura in New Zealand.


Pup Pup Puppy!

Hello I am a guide dog puppy and I am adorable.



These are New Zealand Fur Seals.  We found them in Milford Sound.



Sometimes, being a puppy is just too… tiring… zzzzzz


Polar Bear

I told you I had lots of photos of bears!


Another Polar Bear

See him?  He is just sleeping and dreaming of sea ice.  Maybe baby seals as well.


Superb Fairy-wren

Apparently this little thing is on the “1001 Birds to See Before You Die” book.  999 to go, then.


Polar Bear… I forget what number

They look so sweet when they’re sleeping.


Grizzly Bear

This is one of the bears at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada.  He was orphaned at six months old and has been living at the refuge ever since.  He’s about seven years old now.


One more polar bear

You know you love them.


Variation on the polar bear theme

Snowy Owl.  They nest on the ground because there are no trees!