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Daily Photo


While everyone else was inside the caves not taking photos, I was out in the sand dunes getting this. I haven’t tweaked the colour at all; this is exactly what it looked like in Dunhuang.


From Russia with love

Whilst in Russia earlier this year, the boy declared he wanted to get some real Russian matryoska dolls (also sometimes referred to as babushka dolls). Luckily for him, we found a shop selling nothing but handcarved matryoska dolls.

And since he is the cat person in our house, he saw these and fell in love immediately.
Matryoska 03

They really are very sweet, and beautifully made.
Matryoska 01

The level of detail on each of them is amazing. And they are all slightly different.
Matryoska 02


When we were in Broome two months ago (has it been that long already?), we visited an art gallery and saw this picture, and I immediately fell in love with it.

Windram Print

We decided to buy this version printed on canvas, and brought it home and had it stretched on a frame. It’s about one metre (just over three feet) wide, and we’ve hung it on the wall above our bed.  It looks gorgeous.  The artist is Ingrid Windram, and you can read more about her here.  She’s Australian and does some lovely stuff.  We also brought a print of “Brolgas in the Moonlight” but since it’s framed I can’t get a decent photo without reflection off the glass.  If you click on the link to her website and then on the “prints” page, you’ll be able to see a picture of it.

The weekend report

It’s been a busy week in Tracey Land. Not that I’ve done anything terribly exciting.

Sunday two weeks the boy and I went to the Press Club for dinner. It’s named so because the restaurant is in the old home of one of Melbourne’s daily newspapers. The food is greek and wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal, but the service was a little slow. Ah well, I guess you can’t have everything in life. Or do I expect too much?

Last weekend we went and saw the latest Harry Potter movie. Not worth the hype.

I visited some friends of mine on Sunday, who’ve just had a new baby. He’s quite cute but oh the screaming! He only screamed for 5 minutes of the hour I was there and I was ready to scream myself. I don’t know how parents do it. This is why we don’t have children.

Yesterday I had lunch with friends at Fifteen. This is one of the Jamie Oliver chain set up to help underprivileged kids who want to become chefs or get into the hospitality business. An admirable idea. Sadly, the food was a little lacking. I had pasta stuffed with ricotta, spinach and mushrooms, topped with fried sage. I couldn’t eat half of it because it was too salty. And I asked for one glass of sparkling mineral water and they charged me for a whole bottle. Pffft. Now you all know that I like to eat out and I am not averse to paying for a good meal but this place does not deserve the hype. Don’t bother.

Today the boy and I went to see the John Brack exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. I was surprised how many people were there, and also at the number of pictures he painted and drew in his time. I really liked the early work, but not the later stuff. This is one of his pictures that I really like:
Tune in tomorrow for pictures of the nearly complete yard! All that’s missing is the plants and they’ll be done this week. About time too.