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My usual source of bird information is not here today so I can’t tell you what sort of parrot this is.  But he’s pretty.

Also: he absolutely refused to move to a better location for me.  Typical male.  Stubborn as all hell.

If you click on the photo to go to FlickR, you can see a bigger version.


When we were staying in Dunkeld in January, I managed to catch this little fella in mid-song one evening.  It’s a New Holland Honeyeater and the yellow splashes on his sides are stunning!

New Holland Honeyeater


Also saw these on our way to Mount St Helens, at the County Park in Toledo.


Canada Geese

We saw these in Washington state when we were on our way to Mount St Helens.


Sea Eagle

Whilst travelling in East Gippsland with work this week, we saw this fellow sitting in a tree.  We were canoeing on Lake Tyers at the time.


Rainbow Lorikeet

Noisy little suckers.  But very pretty.


Superb Fairy-wren

Apparently this little thing is on the “1001 Birds to See Before You Die” book.  999 to go, then.