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Delurking Week

I’ve been looking at my blog stats (I am obsessed with numbers – I can even work out the run rate in a cricket match in my head) and I’ve noticed that a lot of people end up here, searching for something that I’ve mentioned maybe once.  The most recent searches have all been to do with The Time Traveller’s Wife.  Presumably that’s because the movie is coming out soon (is it?) and people are looking for reviews.  To all those people: sorry.  I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t intend to.  I did read the book though; you can read my largely unhelpful review here.

It seems my post popular post recently was the one about my Prada shoes.  That page gets a LOT of views.  As well it should 🙂

The point of all this is to say HELLO lurker people who never leave a comment.  Be a rebel and say hi, even if you’ve inadvertently stumbled across my little spot on the interwebs and have no intention of ever coming back. Feel free to ask me a question, even.

I promise I don’t bite.


Playing hooky

On Tuesday, the boy and I decided that we would be sneaky and take the afternoon off work to go and visit the Museum.  Specifically, we wanted to the see A Day in Pompeii exhibition.  So we left work at 2pm, went and had some lunch, then trotted off to see the exhibition.

We weren’t allowed to take any photos which is a shame, because it was very good.  The plaster casts of actual bodies that were buried in the ashes and lava were amazing, in an eerie sort of way.  It was well worth it.

Our Pompeii tickets let us in to the rest of the museum, so we wandered around all the galleries and found this really cool dinosaur bones one.  I just took one quick photo with the iPhone; sorry it’s not better quality.

It was a great day out and we thought maybe we should do it more often.  Not sure how either of our work places will feel about that. 🙂

A flash of inspiration

I was blog trawling the other day and came across this one here. Amazingly, this woman just lives in Canberra which is even in the same country as me! Anyway, she was talking about her new camera and how she’s starting a new blog for all the photos she takes. I thought to myself, this is a brilliant idea!

Now clearly a LOT of the photos I take are of the little black cat for her blog. And I mean A LOT of photos. Getting a cat to pose for you, especially one that’s taken online classes about not posing for photos, is difficult. I would take 25 – 30 useless photos for every one that goes on her blog.

The boy is always saying to me that I should take more photos of other things. And I should. So I will. Stay tuned for a new blog that will feature my very brilliant (average) photography, starting soon. You heard it here first!