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Shaking my head

Dear young person on the tram last night:

If I can see the bottom of your pockets hanging from your shorts, and I can see your underwear just by glancing at you, let me give you a tip.  Your shorts are too short.





In response to some of the comments left last night…

  • My Louboutins are not uncomfortable in the sense that they are too tight or cut into my feet or squash my toes. It’s just that they are TOO high to be comfortable for too long. If you are only sitting, they are fine.
  • I have made the background on this page white again. I’ll be playing around with it so look out for further changes. I’m thinking it might be time to add some photos for colour, or something. It’s not like I don’t have over 1,000 photos to choose from.
  • The boy is still a good boy. That hasn’t changed.
  • Monday mornings are my least favourite part of the week. That’s a new point but I felt it had to be made, given it’s, well, Monday morning. Okay so it’s afternoon but in my world it’s morning until I’ve had lunch, which I haven’t yet. Maybe that’s my problem.

That is all.