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All the news that’s fit to print

There hasn’t been that much news around here lately.  Teddy is here, and being cute, and Huffle is still not impressed.  I’m off to the vet today to buy a Feliway diffuser, surely that will help.  I’ve had most of this week off work, which is lovely.  Last night I went to the Australian Open and saw a couple of great matches.  Kim Clijsters demolished Dinara Safina in a very short amount of time, then Lleyton Hewitt and David Nalbandian played an epic match that lasted nearly five hours.  It’s just a shame Lleyton lost.

The boy and I are house hunting this year.  We need more room so we have to move.  We’ve already been to see a couple of houses and neither was quite right.  But we plan to buy a new place some time very soon!  I’m not looking forward to the actual move but it will be so nice to have a bit more room.  Our kitchen is too small, my computer sits on the dining table because there isn’t enough room for a second desk, the boy wants a room where he can build train layouts… it’s all good.

Meanwhile, since I really don’t have anything terribly exciting to tell you, here’s another photo of little Teddy to make you go AWWWWWWW. I know it’s a bit blurry, but I think it’s adorable.

Teddy 11


Day off!

Well, I may not have to go to work but I have a big list of things to do:

  1. Take the doonas to the doona cleaning place
  2. Have lunch with the boy (who is upset that I have a day off and he doesn’t)
  3. Buy some fabric for a friend in the States
  4. Visit my pregnant friend in hospital
  5. Collect my iPod (it’s finally ready YAY!)
  6. Check my mailbox (oops it’s been two weeks, I hope there’s nothing essential in there)
  7. Go to the supermarket as the boy has decided he wants scones this weekend
  8. Possibly look for a new desk if I have time after all of that

You call this a day off? I’d be less busy if I actually went to work!