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These are the flowers the boy bought for me this week.  Pretty!

Pink Tulip 01

A gardening post

As we’ve been in a drought in Australia for, oh I don’t know, about forever, we are forbidden from regularly watering our gardens with domestic water.  So last year the boy and I had a water tank installed as part of our garden renovations.  The garden is going great guns and I had to prune back some bushes last week.  Excellent!

On an unrelated matter, it is impossible to buy good garlic at the supermarket here.  For some reason Australian garlic is not sold in the supermarkets and we only get tasteless crap from China.  Now I have nothing against China, having recently visited there and I liked it a lot, but their garlic leaves a lot to be desired.  So instead, I buy my garlic online from a place here in Melbourne and I pay eleventy billion dollars for it.  But it’s so tasty, it’s almost worth it.  This week, however, I decided to be a rebel and plant some of my own garlic.  So I sacrificed two of the hideously expensive garlic cloves and put them in a pot.


This might even work out!

Also, the boy continues to buy me flowers (he is such a good boy!) but he says he must find a new place to buy them from, because this is how my tulips looked after two days:


Oh sure, they are pretty, but they are also pretty sad. AND some of the stems were mouldy when I took the paper off to put them in a vase.




I got these flowers last Sunday and by Tuesday morning they looked like this.  I’ve never seen such sad tulips.  And I was sad because I love tulips.


We’ve had a crazy amount of rain this week.  So our garden is very happy.  And while sitting out there eating my yoghurt a few minutes ago, I happened to notice this little bee having dinner or doing whatever it is they do with flowers.


Little pink roses

Tiny pink rose

The sparkle

Today we’re all about the sparkle.  Trish wanted to see the earrings I got for my birthday and yes, it’s taken me more than a month to get around to posting them.  Sorry about that.  But look, here they are:


Pink sapphires surrounded by little white diamonds. So pretty.

And this week’s flowers, Lysianthus (I think that’s how you spell it?):


Because it has been, I don’t know, about a MILLION degrees here for the past few days, my brain is complete porridge.  If nothing makes sense here this week, that’s why.  I’ll try to sort myself out next week.

This week’s flowers

Yellow Rose 03

I love roses. I really do.

Lavender Birdbath

Lavender Birdbath

Took this a while back in my mother-in-law’s garden.  I just like it.

If you click on the photo you’ll be taken to my Flickr photostream where you can see a bigger version.

Deck the goddamn halls

I know I promised to tell you all about the delightful family Christmas breakfast at my house on the weekend but I was struck down with a killer migraine and am only just now feeling alive enough to even consider sitting in front of the computer for a little while.  This migraine, it was one of the worst I’ve had.  Normally they don’t make me sick but I spent all day yesterday throwing up whatever I tried to put in my stomach.  Which did my head no favours as I couldn’t keep the painkillers down either.  It was Not Good.

So these are the flowers the boy bought me for the week:  little red orchids and the orange things, I have no idea what they’re called.  I think the orchids are sweet but I do not like the colour of the other flowers, only I haven’t the heart to tell him because he was so pleased with himself for buying me something different.  Very cute.

Red Orchid


About the breakfast.  First let me explain what Christmas is like in my family.  Remember, we are all Polish so we celebrate Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day.  My mother and my aunt take it in turns to host, and try and make us all die from over eating.  We don’t have a huge family but these days would be about 10 or 12 of us for dinner.  And of course my mother and my aunt both insist on making at least five or six courses for dinner, and that doesn’t include the coffee and cake later in the evening.  It’s a LOT of work and they both spend the whole night in the kitchen freaking out about the food and worrying if everyone has enough, and is the roast beef cooked properly, because god forbid someone should have to eat red meat that isn’t well done, and have we all had enough pierogi to eat.  Meanwhile, my father or my uncle (depending on whose house we are at) are spending their entire time cleaning up and making sure everyone has enough to drink.  This rushing around and cooking and cleaning and everything else is not my idea of fun.  I have repeatedly told my mother and my aunt that we should be going out to dinner on Christmas Eve, so that someone else can do the cooking and the cleaning and the worrying, but they stubbornly persist.  That argument (and it is a BIG one) will be a story for another day.

So to breakfast.  When we were kids, we’d have the usual Christmas Eve palaver with lots of eating and presents, and then on Christmas morning just the four (mum, dad, my sister, me) of us would get up and have breakfast, and do more presents from “under the tree”.  When we were kids, it was fun.  As we’ve gotten older, not so much.  Christmas Day the boy and I drive down to his parent’s place to see them, and my sister and her boyfriend go to his mother’s house.  So my father, insisting that we keep up the tradition of Christmas morning, suggests we have the breakfast on the weekend before Christmas, as everybody is working during the week and my sister and I are not there for Christmas Day.

The problem is, it’s not Christmas.  And although I said I’d have the breakfast at my house this year, I resent it with every fibre of my being.  And perhaps I am being churlish, but to me what’s the point of a Christmas breakfast when it’s not even Christmas?  And everyone buys everyone more presents, it’s just getting silly.  So this year, I put my foot down.  We are not doing Christmas breakfast any more.  There are no children in our families, the youngest is 26, the magic of Christmas is not so important.  We’ll still have our Christmas Eve dinner/arguments, but that’s a story for another day.

I’ll be really happy when this week is over.

This week’s flowers

I haven’t shown you a photo of the flowers recently, mostly because I forgot.  But in the intervening weeks I’ve had more red roses, and pink and yellow lillies.  Here are this week’s white gerberas.

White Gerbera 05

And here’s how to blow out the white balance in your white gerberas.

White Gerbera 02

Painful, isn’t it?

Side note: see how the stems are wired and the top of the wires pokes out from some of the flowers?  The first time I saw that, I was like “holy crap, my flowers have HORNS”, until I realised what it was.  You shouldn’t let me near any sharp objects.

Second note: I’m sorry nobody loved my photos of the mushrooms below.  I thought they were pretty cool!


As part of the garden renovations, we got a lemon tree, lime tree and orange tree, all in pots.  I’ve been watching them closely for ages and at last, there are blooms on the lemon tree!

Lemon Tree 01

I might actually get some decent lemons out of all this.

Lemon Tree 02

I can’t wait.

Lemon Tree 03

There are also some blooms on the orange and lime trees, but not nearly as many.  Just wait though!


I forgot to show you this week’s flowers:
Lilly 02
Lovely pink lillies. Don’t ask me the technical name.
Lilly 01I will confess I did a tiny bit of photoshopping to make the colour stronger.  They were this bright when they first arrived but were not quite this colour by the time I remembered to take a photo.

I was in quite a bad mood this morning but thankfully I have a four day weekend ahead of me to recover.  It’s amazing how one bad comment can ruin your whole day.



So it turns out that he has done nothing wrong, and isn’t buttering me up for anything, but has decided to bring home flowers for me on a regular basis.  Here are this week’s gerberas.

He’s lucky to have me, isn’t he? 🙂

More brownie points

Red Rose 03

It makes me wonder if he’s done something wrong 🙂 but this weekend I got more flowers.  I will not complain!

Sometimes he surprises even me

Pink Gerberas