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Wow, it’s been a while since I updated here. I think I was too caught up in the AFL finals, which resulted in my team – Collingwood – winning their first premiership in twenty years. It was magnificent.

This weekend was flat out. Friday night I had dinner with friends at Vue de Monde – actually Cafe Vue – because they have a cocktail night where uber-chef Shannon Bennett invents five cocktails and then five tasty plates of food to accompany them. Totally delicious. Sorry, no photos, didn’t even think of it. I will make the ultimate sacrifice and go back again armed with my camera.

Saturday was Grand Final day, so my dad came over to watch the game and there was much cheering and yelling. It was an amazing game and an even more amazing win. I have already watched the replay once, and I plan to do that a few more times.

Saturday night a couple of friends came over for dinner, which was lovely. We ate and drank and talked lots; the perfect way to spend an evening.

Sunday the boy and I decided to go for a drive, we went to Hanging Rock as neither of us had been there before. It was just gorgeous but I must be getting old because I forgot to take my camera with me again.

Here’s a photo of a golden pheasant to make up for it.

Golden Pheasant


Stuff I did on the weekend

It was a busy weekend. Okay it wasn’t really but I did a few things.

Saturday we went and got the (newly cleaned) doonas from the shop. Last time we took a doona in to be cleaned it got sacrificed to the dry cleaning gods so we went to a specialty shop this time. Cost a fortune but they both came back safely, and clean! We also went and collected the jackets we had on order from Mountain Design, then went to Mario’s for lunch.

Saturday night I took Mr Dad to the football, to the President’s Club dinner at the Collingwood v St Kilda game. Collingwood won and the dinner was great so a good time was had by all. I did lose my voice for a day from all the yelling.

Sunday wasn’t so exciting. I did washing and the grocery shopping.

Ah, but I have created my new photo blog! I am giving WordPress a go for this one, so far it’s okay (am I allowed to mention that word on Blogger lol?). I’m going to try and upload a picture each day, but we’ll see how that goes.

I haven’t bought any new shoes for ages. It’s very depressing.

Woohoo it’s the weekend!

And we all love weekends around here. I get to sleep in, I get coffee in bed, Huffle gets to sleep in with me, it’s all good.

Tonight I am going to the Gin Palace with some friends. It’s a groovy little bar and very hard to find. Last time I went there I spent 10 minutes searching for the front door. Hopeless. And I have a good sense of direction! God help those who don’t. Anyway.

Tomorrow I have a haircut at 11am. Then we are either going to look at a house or go and get my new digital camera. Either way I’m happy. I might cook a roast for dinner. Sunday I have no plans. Maybe I should go shopping with my sister. There is nothing I want to buy though. That’s a bit tragic.

Ooooh on Saturday 9 August I am taking Mr Dad to see Collingwood v St Kilda at the MCG. But we are going to the President’s Lunch! I mean dinner. He’s so excited. I decided that since I took my mother to see Michael Buble (and boy am I a fan now), Mr Dad should get to do something he likes too. The tickets arrived today and even I am looking forward to it. You get a nice three course meal and all the drinks you want and great seating. It’s the only way to go to the football, in my opinion.

Planning for the holiday continues. We need to get thermal underwear now.

By the way, Mr Dad is recovering VERY well from his operation. He is even allowed to drive now, and has gone back to work a few hours each day. It’s looking good for him.

Leave me alone and I’ll go shopping

I might have accidentally bought something today. I went looking for a cardigan (don’t look at me like that – I wanted a long jacket-style version that’s really cool) and came home with some Collette Dinnigan underwear. Oops. Oh well, you can never have too much can you?

I also bought some socks. And the cardigan. It’s not my fault, the boy went to work and left me so I had to entertain myself somehow. Plus I finally did the ironing that I’ve been ignoring for a few weeks now and sorted out the washing that I did on Saturday. It was a slightly productive day.

Hey, I didn’t buy any new shoes, did I? That has to count for something.

Collingwood beat Melbourne today. A good day all round.