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Where I went this week

This week for work I went to Hamilton. It’s in south west Victoria. It was cold but we saw some nice spots. This is a river that has been allowed to recover by itself and has restored itself to a very pristine environment.
This is a shot I took with my lovely wide angle lens. The sky was behaving and giving me some nice colour.
And here is a big mama cow who was looking after her little baby, and kept giving me the evil eye whenever I looked in her direction. After a while she figured I wasn’t going to attack the calf so she wandered over to the water bucket, but she stopped every few metres and looked at me, then looked at her calf. It was quite sweet!
I don’t really like to travel for work because it’s actually a lot of work and not that much fun. But I guess any day out of the office is a good day. The place we stayed was… nice, but imagine feature brick walls and peach curtains and then you’ll have a good idea of what it was like. The food was good though. Nothing fancy but it was simple and good.