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I know, I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  It’s been ages since I had anything to say.  Those of you who know me and follow Huffle‘s blog, know it’s because we hosted a Cat Olympic event which was hugely popular and nearly killed me.  Also, this past weekend I had a migraine that started at lunchtime on Friday and continues to this very moment, although I do feel better now.  I didn’t eat for 24 hours so that wasn’t fun.

If you’re wondering what I have done, aside from being sick, the answer is: not much.  We did go and see Ross Noble perform on Wednesday night, which was great because we both cried with laughter for over two hours.  I got the last of my immunisations in preparation for our holiday, which is a mere three weeks and five days away.  No, I’m not counting, why would you ask such a thing? 🙂

Actually, have I even told you about our holiday?  No?  Well, we’re going to travel the old Silk Road through China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia by train.  For a month.

Look, here’s an Antarctica photo for you.

Antarctica 12

I haven’t bought any new shoes lately either.  Now THAT’S boring.


Just stuff

For my friend Kathie, I am thinking about you in this difficult time (cryptic, I know, but she knows).

The heater? Is working beautifully. Goes on half an hour before I get out of bed and makes the bathroom toasty warm. Huffle has yet to realise it, although it does sit on the red rug she doesn’t like so maybe that’s putting her off. Mind you, this morning after I got out of the shower, she immediately got in (after making sure the water was turned off). I don’t know what it is but she loves to sit in there. If we are upstairs she will stand by the door and wait for someone to open it for her. Crazy cat.

The boy is sick. He has a cold. This equates to swine flu, or “I’m dying”. I’m just a little bit over the drama of it all.

The sun is shining today! That’s always a good thing in winter.

Oooh hey our garden is getting started next week! I cannot wait for it to be done. I’ll post some “before” pictures later this week. Then you’ll be able to tell just how tragic it was before, and how marvellous it is after.

Monday morning report

So about The Cold? I still have it. It’s better, but it’s still there. And driving me crazy. Now the boy is starting to get sick. Which of course in his mind means he has the Swine Flu and will probably die next week. Not that we’re being dramatic or anything, no no, wouldn’t want you to think that. But you KNOW how man-colds are always 20 times worse than anything a woman gets, right?

Friday night I attempted to drown the cold in alcohol by going to a cocktail night at Cafe Vue. It was not cheap but it was lovely. And they give you five big cocktails to go with your five tasting plates of food. Delicious. Only next time I will insist we sit away from the door. It was cold. But a good time was had by all.

Friday night the boy played his computer game all night in some sort of competition. He woke me up at 8am, still buzzing from the excitement of winning. Having had three “V” drinks and four coffees, there was no way he was ready to sleep. He went off to work for a couple of hours, then came home and slept from 10.30am until 5pm when I made him get out of bed. Meanwhile I did five loads of washing.

Yesterday I decided to visit the new Apple Store at Doncaster. I’m so happy it’s open. It’s only 20 minutes from my house which is much better than the other store at Chadstone, which takes me an hour to get to. I bought a cover for my iPhone, two car charges for both the iPhone, and a spare USB charger for the boy to take to work, for his iPhone. I could have spent a lot more money but restrained myself. I want to get a MacBook Pro but can’t really justify it yet. One day…

Head II

So remember that headache I mentioned on Sunday? Turns out it was the precursor to a headcold, which I’ve been suffering since Monday. Having a cold and working in a large climate controlled office building is not a good combination. I’ve been going to work each day at the usual time (arriving before 8am) and then having to leave by 2pm because my head is so clogged up I can hardly see.

Today I’m actually working from home. Which is so much nicer than having to drag my butt into the office. I’m sitting here in my trackies and I haven’t even brushed my hair! Couldn’t do that if I had to go to work. Also: the phone hardly rings. I get so much more done this way. Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow. I have a meeting with eight visitors from around the state so I can hardly do that from home.

Tuesday night we had a big dinner for work. I work for a statutory authority and they are all appointed for three year terms. The three years ends in three weeks so we had a big farewell dinner, with 32 people. It was very nice and the people at Zio’s looked after us very well, as they always do. I was ready to collapse by 10pm (courtesy of the above mentioned head cold) but the stragglers stayed on til past 1am.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday. That means the weekend is close!


I have a headache. What a waste of a weekend.

Wondering what to talk about

Amazingly, the chocolate chip cookies have lasted more than five minutes and there are still a couple left for me to have with my cuppa this afternoon.

I ended up having Thursday off work as well, I woke up that morning and felt like I’d been swallowing razorblades. Not fun. I did go to work yesterday but my dear boss told me I looked “pale” and sent me home after lunch. Very kind of her. I’m not sure how she knew I was pale since I am sporting a pale look all over these days 🙂 Once upon a time I used to be very tanned but we know that’s not good for you and I have been working hard on the porcelain skin look for years now.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary in December (and for Christmas), we bought them a holiday. They chose eight days in New Zealand and they have been there for a week now, arriving home tomorrow. I hope they’ve had a wonderful time. I haven’t heard anything so I’m assuming it’s all gone well.

The cold weather has arrived with a vengeance this weekend. On Thursday it was a balmy 26degC, today it will be lucky to make it to 15C. At least we’re getting a bit of rain. Our water storages are at 28% capacity which is NOT good. We have been on water restrictions for longer than I care to remember, hence the dead garden.

The little black cat is asleep under the doona at the moment. She has the right idea!

The Dentist!

[insert scary music here]. Actually no. I don’t need scary music. I always enjoy going to the dentist. I have my annual check up and get told to come back in 12 months for the next one.

Yesterday, in fact, my dentist’s remark was “god you have boring teeth”. I took that as a positive sign. It’s quite weird, because everyone else in my family has shocking teeth, what with having fillings and teeth pulled and whatever. I’ve never had anything like that. For that, I am eternally grateful.

I think it’s because I drank lots of milk when I was a kid. Still do now. I have a glass of milk with my lunch every day if I’m not eating out. Surely all that calcium has to do some good. I’ve also never broken any bones (and of course because I’ve put it in writing I will no doubt fall down the stairs this weekend and break my leg) and I put that down to strong bones from all the milk too.

I still have a slight headache. I’m assuming that chopping my head off will solve the problem. Failing that, I plan to spend the long weekend sleeping as much as possible.

Hey! Now why is there no holiday for ANZAC Day this year? Not good enough, Mr Brumby. Get your act together.

Thursday night we are having dinner with Brooke, Greg and Jeannie at Rockpool. The woman from there just rang me to confirm my booking – she said “I’m just making sure we’re going to see you again on Thursday?”. Obviously she remembers ringing me last week to confirm Saturday night’s booking as well. Looking forward to dinner! I will try and take a photo of the dessert, for those who asked 🙂

Feeling human again

I finally feel well enough to tell you about my weekend. Saturday I went to visit my cousin for her birthday, she had a family BBQ but without the BBQ bit, if you know what I mean. She has a new kitten who was cute but will still grow into a cat. But it was a nice afternoon. The boy was meant to come with me but decided to go to work instead. He really hates socialising.

Saturday night we went to dinner at Rockpool for his birthday (which was Sunday). It was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the seafood festival we decided to make of it. Except for dessert, that was pineapple and icecream slice and I can’t explain to you how they did it but it was amazing and I want to eat that for dessert every night for the rest of the year. Luckily we’re going back to Rockpool this Thursday night with some friends so I can have the yummy pineapple dessert again. It was that good.

Anyway, we went to the cigar shop after dinner and bought the boy some cigars so he was happy. By the time we got home I was starting to get a headache. An hour later it was a migraine so I took the Mersyndol Forte my lovely doctor presecribed to me and went to bed. Woke up Sunday morning, still had the headache. Spent all day on the couch, trying to get rid of the headache. Went to bed last night, still had the headache. Took plain old Mersyndol nighttime strength. This morning, no headache. Thank god for that. I was considering beheading myself just to be rid of the pain.

I’ve taken the Mersyndol Forte three times since I got them and every single time, they have not gotten rid of the headache. Nor do they make me sleepy. With the amount of codeine they have in them, I should be knocked out for 12 hours. Never happens. I may have to aske the doctor for something else, coz they’re clearly not working for me.

Speaking of doctors, I had to have more blood tests last week. Went back on Friday for the results, nothing to worry about, but he wants to do bloods every three months this year just in case. Pooh.

Oh, and the little black cat loved the fact I was sitting on the couch all day yesterday. She spent all day snoozing on my lap.


Here’s a list of things that are wrong with me at the moment.

  1. I have RSI in my right elbow.
  2. I have damaged tendons and ligaments in my left ankle.
  3. I have a headache today, courtesy of I don’t know what.
  4. I have injured my right shoulder, god only knows how.

I had an x-ray on the ankle this morning to make sure there is nothing more serious wrong with it. I have to wear a brace on my arm so that my elbow can repair itself a bit. I have taken headache drugs and they are not working. I think the clinkers I ate last night are being added to the banned food list. Don’t ask about the shoulder, I have no idea.

I am feeling rather sorry for myself today.

No brainer

What I mean is, I have a migraine and my brain is mush. Please check back later!

Woohoo it’s the weekend!

And we all love weekends around here. I get to sleep in, I get coffee in bed, Huffle gets to sleep in with me, it’s all good.

Tonight I am going to the Gin Palace with some friends. It’s a groovy little bar and very hard to find. Last time I went there I spent 10 minutes searching for the front door. Hopeless. And I have a good sense of direction! God help those who don’t. Anyway.

Tomorrow I have a haircut at 11am. Then we are either going to look at a house or go and get my new digital camera. Either way I’m happy. I might cook a roast for dinner. Sunday I have no plans. Maybe I should go shopping with my sister. There is nothing I want to buy though. That’s a bit tragic.

Ooooh on Saturday 9 August I am taking Mr Dad to see Collingwood v St Kilda at the MCG. But we are going to the President’s Lunch! I mean dinner. He’s so excited. I decided that since I took my mother to see Michael Buble (and boy am I a fan now), Mr Dad should get to do something he likes too. The tickets arrived today and even I am looking forward to it. You get a nice three course meal and all the drinks you want and great seating. It’s the only way to go to the football, in my opinion.

Planning for the holiday continues. We need to get thermal underwear now.

By the way, Mr Dad is recovering VERY well from his operation. He is even allowed to drive now, and has gone back to work a few hours each day. It’s looking good for him.

Wednesday or something

Yesterday I had a shocking headache. I woke up with it and it just got worse and worse through the day. I had to go home from work at 3.30pm. Well, really I had to leave because I conveniently had a doctor’s appointment. I had to get some stitches out. My doctor told me to go home and have some nurofen for the headache, then have some mersyndol when I was going to bed. So I did!

Feel okay today although a bit fuzzy in the head. I have a friend coming for dinner tonight but thankfully it will be a very casual affair. I am making a prawn and fennel risotto. I’ve made it before and it’s very tasty! Also, I have a massage beforehand so that should sort me out!

I should be getting my new camera this weekend! I’m so excited. I just rang the evil place about my iPod too; apparently they are waiting on new stock to come in. Hopefully tomorrow. But I’m not holding my breath. They said they’d ring on Monday and I’ve just had to ring them. Typical!

Saturday update

Well, the good news is Mr Dad will be going home from hospital on Monday. His surgeon is very happy with the way he is recovering and he has been moved out of the intensive care unit. We are all very happy about this.

I had a day off on Thursday! Didn’t do anything exciting but Wiggy got his first service and I had lunch with the boy, who was unhappy that he had to go to work and I didn’t 🙂 I went home and baked some brownies after lunch, then went and visited Mr Dad in hospital. Nothing terribly thrilling but it was nice to not be in the office for a day.

Tonight my mother is coming for dinner because she is bored at home by herself. Fair enough, I wouldn’t like to be alone for a week either. Today the boy and I will go and visit Mr Dad, and finally get around to buying a new letterbox to replace the leaning tower of Preston. Tomorrow I think the boy is going to work so I will go shopping for my mother’s birthday present (her birthday is Monday) and… I don’t really know what else. Go the hospital again, I guess. Such and exciting life I lead!

Oh and I had a migraine last night, and this morning woke up with a very sore throat – it felt like I was swallowing razor blades. I don’t like being sick!

Mr Dad update

Well the news is good so far. The surgery went well yesterday and he was back on the ward just before 8pm. The surgeon is 99% sure the tumour is benign which is even better news. Now he has just to sit back and recover!


Thank you Mr Armani:

Thank you nice people at Ballin:

Well, you can’t deny they’re pretty!

Fingers crossed today for Mr Dad’s operation!