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Thanks everyone for coming over to my new home to say hello. I really wanted to separate my blog life from Huffle’s, and I wanted to be able to do a bit more with the look and feel of this blog, which is still a work in progress. Like a decent header – I still have to make one of those. Soon 🙂

Barb wanted to know if the Boy, my partner and my husband are all the same person. Yes they are! His parents always call him boy, and my father always refers to him as the boy, and he didn’t want me to put his name on the interwebs, so sometimes I call him any one of those things. He is one person though 🙂

I’ve spent this morning updating software on my iPhone and iPod Touch, and putting new songs on all four iPods. No, I don’t have any idea why I need four iPods either.

Penny and Valerie, Milky Ways are called Three Musketeers over your way. I can send you some of ours if you like 🙂

I had a really crappy day at work on Friday. Nothing that will bother me next week when I go back, but I plan to eat chocolate and read my books this weekend as respite. Speaking of books, I’ve now read As You Do by Richard Hammond, and started on Thanks For The Mammaries, which is an anthology and a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research. So I’m doing my bit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

How annoying is Ben Stiller? Seriously.


I heart Apple

I don’t know how to draw a heart with my keyboard.

Last night I went to the aforementioned appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Chadstone. I would like to point out that it took me ONE HOUR to drive there, because Chadstone is not very close to me. But anyway.

I arrived at my allotted time, checked in, sat down for about 3 seconds then the woman came over and took me to the genius bar and introduced me to Nick. He asked what the problem was, so I told him about how the wifi connection on my iPhone was, frankly, dodgy. Shonky, if you like 🙂

He took the phone, asked my permission to run diagnostic checks on it, asked me about the different networks I’d tried to connect to, other things I can’t remember. I did tell him how the boy’s phone works perfectly at home so I was sure the network wasn’t the issue. Eventually he said they would just replace the handset for me.

I was out of there 10 minutes after I walked in.

I want to LIVE in the Apple Store.

I just don’t know

So I’ve still been sick this week. I left work yesterday at 3pm and went home and slept for two and a half hours. I then had a bad night’s sleep even though I was still really tired, mostly because of the boy’s snoring. It sounded like there was a freight train in our bedroom. As a result I do not feel much better today. And my nose is still clogged up.

Why is that people with children feel the need to show me photos of OTHER people’s children? I don’t know who they are and I don’t care. Please stop it.

I am having an adventure to the Apple Store at Chadstone this evening. My shiny new iPhone is not behaving perfectly – the wifi connection does not work properly. Of course, since I made the appointment at the Genius Bar, the wifi has started to work. Typical. But I will still go and say it does not work, because the minute I cancel the appointment the wifi will not work again. I just know it. Also: I will buy a cover for the phone. AND maybe some shoes (not at the Apple Store, obviously).

I still love my iPhone, even if it is being a bit shonky right now.

Phone envy

Many of my friends have iPhones. I have severe phone envy. I want one, now! Aren’t they just the prettiest phone ever?I have convinced the boy to let me get one. He says it will be my Christmas present. Fine with me – that’s only three weeks away! Despite my issues with Apple, I still want an iPhone.