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Hattah 09



Sunset 100623a

Today’s sunset. That’s a panorama. Click on it to visit FlickR and see a bigger version.

Finally Friday

I spent the first three days of this week at school, doing a Photoshop course. It was really good but I’m obviously not designed to be a student any more, it was hard work! But I did enjoy it, and learned heaps of new things. Now I just have to practice lots. Here are a couple of pictures I made in photoshop; apologies to Charles and Camilla.

This week I also got my Wacom Graphire tablet. I only used it for a bit last night since I was out drinking for most of the evening, but I love it already. The movement of the pen is a bit hard to get used to, but so far, so good! I also accidentally ordered iWork and iLife 09. Oops. iWork has arrived so that got installed too. Still waiting on iLife but they are saying 2 February for the delivery date so I won’t hold my breath just yet.

This weekend the boy and I are going to Dunkeld, to stay at the Royal Mail Hotel for two nights. I have heard very good things about it and they apparently have a very good restaurant there so hopefully it will be good! I plan to take lots of photos because the Grampians are very scenic. Unfortunately my new wide angle lens has not arrived so there will be no wide angle shots. Oh well.