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This windmill can be found at Balgownie Estate in the Yarra Valley.  I was there recently for work and I really liked the colours in this photo.


Pink Hydrangea

You haven’t seen a flower for a few days.  Enjoy this pink hydrangea then.


Sturt Desert Pea

The floral emblem of Western Australia, but you can find them everywhere in Australia.  This one is from Dunkeld in western Victoria.


Blossoms… again

The other day when I was out in the street taking photos of the trees flowering, I saw this one in the neighbour’s yard.

Another flower

I don’t like native Australian flowers.  I think they’re boring.  But since I took the photo, you all get to see it too.


I was pottering around the old shed and found these lovely round bales of hay.


I like the fact that this piece of wood could be anything, really.  You could even look at it from some angles and see sand dunes or rock.


Stolen from my neighbour’s garden.

Blossom and Sky

One I took a few days ago in our street.  All I did was crop some sky out.  I love this photo because it looks fake!


I’ve spent ages looking for a flowering magnolia that wasn’t in someone’s garden so I could take photos without upsetting anyone.  Don’t tell anybody, I took this photo of a tree in someone’s garden down the street.


I was probably standing about four metres away when I took this.  Such is the power of ZOOM!

White Blossom

Straight out of the camera shot.  I just cropped a bit off the top as there was a whole lot of nothing there.


Another one from my mother-in-law’s garden.  I love the colours.


From my trip to South Gippsland.  Artsy fartsy stuff.


I love flowers and I especially love gerberas.  This is from my mother-in-law’s garden.