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Indulging a passion

For some reason, a lot of people end up here after searching for “polar bears”.  I didn’t think I had posted that many pictures of polar bears on this blog.  However, to keep these mysterious polar bear fans happy, here is a picture of polar bears.  A mother and her two babies.

No, it does not get much cuter than this.

Polar Bear 06


Daily photo

Polar Bear 05

This is one of my favourite photos.  Taken on the tundra near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, in October 2008.  I can’t believe it’s been so long already since we did that big USA/Canada trip.

I hope everyone had a good new year!


On Monday morning, when I get to work (because the photos I took are on my work computer), I will show you the most adorable, drop-dead gorgeous shoes I bought yesterday. Only don’t tell the boy, because, well, they were a bit more expensive than I’d anticipated. Okay a lot more. But that’s our secret!

A friend of mine had a Body Shop party at home today. I went and managed to start the Christmas shopping for my sister, and for the boy’s two sisters. I might have bought something for me too but that’s not important right now.

We’re going to dinner at Box tonight. It’s one of our favourite restaurants and we haven’t been there for a while so that should be nice.

Here’s a polar bear picture for you. Yes, I took this on our holiday.

Wanna see a picture of a polar bear?

Virtual Puppies

When you live in a house with almost no backyard, you can’t have puppies. So I did the next best thing. I sponsored a Guide Dog Puppy. Here’s a picture:
Aren’t they just completely adorable? Don’t ask me which one is mine, I have no idea. I’ve actually sponsored to contribute to the training and upkeep of this litter. I’ll get to meet them all at an open day later in the year.

Today we received the receipt for our holiday payment. This means we are actually going! I am so excited, I can’t begin to explain it. I’m actually going to be seeing polar bears in the wild. It does not get any better than that. We leave on October 3, which is a mere 13 weeks away. I’ve decided to create a new blog all about the holiday. You can view it here.

Further invasion

We found more ants this morning. We can’t find where they’re coming in the house; it’s really annoying. The boy brought me my coffee in bed this morning and I found two ants floating in it! We think they might have somehow climbed into the kettle. I can’t imagine they enjoyed being boiled to death.

It’s the second day of a four-day long weekend today. Yesterday I didn’t achieve very much. Today I will do some washing and the grocery shopping. Even though I only do the shopping every second week it seems to come around so quickly. We think we might get a new kettle too.

The little black cat has her own blog now. Talk about spoilt! I have also added some new things to my blog – the daily puppy you can see on the left there. I love puppies.

We have to start planning for our trip to Canada soon. I’m so excited to be seeing polar bears in their natural habitat! Speaking of polar bears, I was watching a documentary about Spitzburgen in Norway yesterday, where they have had two fatal polar bear attacks on humans, and no-one can figure out why. Hello, humans in the polar bears’ home? How stupid can you get?


54%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

This is a bit of a worry. I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks and I’m already addicted! I blame the husky blogs I read every day, they are so entertaining that I can’t start my morning without them.

Now on to my favourite thing besides dessert: polar bears! Living in Australia, there’s not much opportunity to see polar bears so a couple of years ago the boy and I went to Sea World on the Gold Coast to see the polar bears. They are awesome! The picture in my header is one of the boys from Sea World (don’t ask me which one, they are twins so I can’t possibly tell). This year, we are going to Canada to see the polar bears in the wild! All the way to Churchill in Manitoba. It’s going to be so much fun.

Last night we had a friend come round for dinner. Dessert was chocolate pecan bread and butter pudding. I wasn’t that impressed but the boys both liked it.


As promised, here’s a picture of my Maxi, also known as the muddog. She loved mud and water! She had her own swimming pool (before I got it for her she used to put her head and front paws in her water bucket and splash about) and one of her favourite activities was chasing and biting the waves at the beach.

Still no news about my new car 😦

And the polar bear in my header is one of the boys at Seaworld in Surfer’s Paradise (Qld) when he was about 18 months old. I’m not sure if it’s Hudson or Nelson, they look alike to me!