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While we were in New York City last year, I made a pilgrimage to my spiritual home, the Saks Fifth Avenue Shoe Salon. I came home with these shoes:


And the people were happy.


Shoe Challenge 35 – 38

It’s been a busy few weeks.  We were in Papua New Guinea for two weeks, during which time our little black cat Huffle Mawson passed away.  We were devastated but she was staying with my parents, whom she loved, so she wasn’t alone.  Then we had a week at home and I’ve been back at work for a week.  Talk about busy!  And two weeks from now we’ll be in our new house!

With all of that going on, I haven’t had much of a chance to wear my frocks or shoes.  I’ll have to do my best during the party season.

Saved 121201
Leona Edmiston “Briola” dress; Joanne Mercer patent peep toes
Worn to: Rockpool for my birthday dinner

Saved 121203
Leona Edmiston dress (worn with purple flats, already saved)
Worn to: work

Saved 121206
Leona Edmiston “Anjelica” dress; Diana Ferrari nude peep toe Mary Janes
Worn to: work

Saved 121207
Leona Edmiston “Helena” dress (worn with Sandler wedges, already saved)
Worn to: work, and lunch at the Bistro

I also wore another dress to a cocktail function but forgot to take a photo. I’ll include it next week.

This weekend I have also cleaned out my wardrobe in preparation for moving house. You’ll notice that my shoe and dress counts have gone down slightly. Still a long way to go before I save everything though!

Shoe Challenge 34

Massive effort this week to save five dresses and three pairs of shoes.

Saved 121105
Leona Edmiston “Talina” dress; Ballin patent wedges (optional extra: bad tabby cat)
Worn to: work

Saved 121107
Capture rose print dress; Wittner patent peep toes (already saved)
Worn to: work, but more specifically lunch at the Press Club

Saved 121108
Leona Edmiston “Jazz” dress; MiuMiu navy suede sandals
Worn to: dinner at Zio’s

Saved 121109
Leona Edmiston dress; Midas navy wedges (already saved)
Worn to: work

Saved 121110
Leona Edmiston “Jacinta” dress; Betts “Lola2” silver heels
Worn to: my cousin’s wedding in Sydney

I am thrilled to have saved so many clothes and shoes this week because for the next two weeks I will not be doing any saving at all, as I’ll be cruising in Papua New Guinea on a holiday.

Shoe Challenge 33

Steady progress again this week, two pairs of shoes and two dresses saved.

Saved 121029
Leona Edmiston “Nikki” dress; Joanne Mercer tan wedges
Worn to: work

Saved 121030
Leona Edmiston dress; Diana Ferrari patent peep toes
Worn to: work

I have had those red Diana Ferrari shoes for at least two years and I’ve never worn them before. They are a bit unforgiving but I wore them around the house for a few nights and then to work and now I think they’ll be okay. Very happy I saved them as I love the look of them.

Shoe Challenge 32

Good progress this week, two pairs of shoes saved, one dress, one skirt and a top.

Saved 121023
Avela top; Capture rose print skirt; Wittner peep toe heels (already saved)
Worn to: work

Saved 121024
Leona Edmiston dress; Joanne Mercer cream wedges
Worn to: work

Saved 121025
Autograph top; Jane Debster suede bow front flats; worn with black trousers (saved 42 times already)
Worn to: work, and to the auction for the house we bought

Yeah, so we bought a house. So excited! It’s our dream house and we get the keys right before Christmas. We were originally thinking we’d move just after Christmas but now we’re so excited we might do it the weekend before. We’ll see.

Shoe Challenge 30 and 31

No post last week as I didn’t think I was going to save any shoes, but thankfully on Sunday I managed to wear these out on my travels.

Saved 121014
Diana Ferrari ballet flats; worn with jeans and t-shirt
Worn to: brunch, furniture shopping, grocery shopping

Saved 121015
Leona Edmiston dress; Joanne Mercer “Daybreak” wedges
Worn to: work

Saved 121017
Diana Ferrari pointy pumps; Target black and white top; (not shown) Katies black trousers
Worn to: work

Saved 121019
Sara silk print dress; Susanne pink cardigan; Tony Bianco pink suede wedges
Worn to: work

I posted on Facebook when I wore those pointy shoes that I now remember why I didn’t love pointy shoes last time they were in fashion. Talk about uncomfortable! But they are safe now, even if I end up getting rid of them.

So a good two weeks, with four pairs of shoes and two dresses saved.

Why yes, I did go shopping this weekend

And I did buy shoes.

Orange Sandals
Joanne Mercer “Daybreak” wedges

And I am very much looking forward to wearing them… as soon as the weather improves again.

Shoe Challenge 29

Success this week in saving dresses… the shoes not so much. But I’ll get there.

Saved 121002
Leona Edmiston dress; Diana Ferrari shoes
Worn to: work

Saved 121003
Capture dress; Salvatore Ferragamo flats (worn with tights, it was a cold day) (already saved)
Worn to: work

Saved 121004
Leona Edmiston “Anjelica” dress; Wittner patent peep toes (already saved)
Worn to: work

I’m now well past halfway in the dress challenge but not even close in the shoe challenge.  I hope the weather improves soon!

Shoe Challenge 28

Progress on both the shoe and wardrobe challenges this week.

Saved 120925
Sara silk print dress; Miss Shop brown peep toe wedges; Sara cardigan (already saved)
Worn to: work

Saved 120927
Leona Edmiston “Lola” floral dress; Therapy red canvas wedges
Worn to: work

As you can tell from the shoes, the weather is slowly improving here. Although the forecast for tomorrow is not great: 14C and hail.

I’ve just realised that I counted one dress twice in my challenge (a few weeks ago).  Now I have another dress to save, dammit!

Shoe Challenge 27

I saved one pair of shoes this week.

Saved 120923
Chinese Laundry sparkle flats; blue jeans, Eiffel Tower print t-shirt
Worn to: lunch with a friend

These shoes are awesome, mostly because you can flip the sequins over so they are silver or black. Now that’s cool.

Shoe Challenge 26

So this is the half way point of my shoe and wardrobe challenge.  I managed to save both one dress and one pair of shoes this week, which is good.

Saved 120911
Leona Edmiston dress; Joanne Mercer navy heels
Worn to: work

I have now passed the half way mark in my dress challenge, but I am seriously behind on saving shoes. As I’ve mentioned before, I am hoping that when the weather warms up again, I’ll be able to save a lot more pairs. I really don’t want to have to give any up!

I do have some pairs which are exempt from the challenge, including my very first pair of Christian Louboutin heels, and my Jimmy Choos, but I still have a lot of pairs to get through.

Shoe Challenge 25

This week I managed to save one more dress. Unfortunately it was a new dress so the ratio of dresses to saved dresses has not changed.

Saved 120904
Leona Edmiston dress (new favourite); Wittner peep toes (already saved)
Worn to: work

As you can see from the peep toes, we actually had a really nice day here on Tuesday and I managed to leave the house without tights! It was very exciting.

I also bought these shoes, to wear with the navy dress I got a few weeks ago. I’ll be wearing the shoes and dress to my cousin’s wedding in November.

Betts “Lola2” silver peep toes.

Shoe Challenge 24

This week I have been very, very bad.  Not only did I not save any shoes, I only saved one dress and bought TWO more.  Bad.

Saved 120827
Leona Edmiston dress; Wittner wedges
Worn to: work

I did indeed buy the navy dress mentioned last week, and then I bought this dress too.

My dear boy is having a small procedure in hospital tomorrow. It’s nothing serious but he will be knocked out for it; some good vibes would be appreciated!

Shoe Challenge 23

I know, it’s a bit late this week but better late than never.

I have managed to save both one pair of shoes AND one dress this week – quite proud of myself really.

Saved 120819
Diana Ferrari copper ballet flats; navy jeans
Worn to: dinner

Saved 120820
Autograph print dress; Fillipo Rafael boots
Worn to: work

Also, yes I did buy the navy dress. Of course I did. And it is gorgeous. I will photograph it with your shoe suggestions and you can tell me what you think.

Shoe advice required

Folks, if I buy this dress (and let’s face it, I probably will), what colour shoes should I wear with it?  Please don’t say navy.

Leona Edmiston "Jacinta" dress