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Shoe Challenge 22

Here are some I prepared earlier.

I haven’t worn any new dresses or shoes this week.  I am so sick of winter!  However, I noticed that when I posted my very first week of shoes challenge saves, I didn’t bother with the dresses.  So here they are.  Sadly, they do not count towards my total as I’ve already counted them.

Saved 120315
Capture navy and white print dress; worn with Sandler tan wedges
Worn to: work

Saved 120317
Leona Edmiston “Lauren” pink wrap dress with cutout sleeves; worn with Salvatore Ferragamo mushroom heels
Worn to: my friend Richard’s wedding.

I’m going to try very hard this week to wear a dress that has not been saved yet.


Shoe Challenge 21

No dresses were saved this week.  And yesterday I bought a new dress.  I can’t help it.  The spring clothes are in the shops and I got over excited.  I will show it to you soon enough.

I also didn’t wear any new shoes this week but I did wear a pair last week that I forgot to photograph, so here they are.

Wittner purple jewel flats; worn with jeans and t-shirt
Worn to: brunch last Sunday

I actually did take a photo of them on my foot but I didn’t realise until I went to put the photo here that it is a bit blurry. But it’s in the FlickR photostream if you really want to see it.

I also bought a new pair of shoes this week.

Navy Patent Heels

Nothing fancy but I only have one pair of navy shoes and I needed more. They’ll be good for work as they’re not too high.

Shoe Challenge 20

This week I saved no shoes.  Very poor form.  I did manage to save one more dress which now means I am nearly half way through my dress collection!

Saved 120802
Basque dress; Suzanne Grae long sleeve t (underneath); Phillipo Rafael ankle boots (already saved)
Worn to: work

Shoe Challenge 19

Week 19 and I am stuck on 34 pairs of shoes saved.  I’ll have to make more of an effort in the coming weeks.

However, I’ve still managed to save another dress this week.

Saved 120726
Sara silk print dress; worn with black cardigan and black suede wedges
Worn to: work

I didn’t show you the cardigan or shoes because they’ve been seen half a dozen times already. I took this photo in poor light so I’m not sure if you can see the colours properly – it’s olive green, chocolate brown, cream and black. I just love it.

The really good news is I didn’t buy any new dresses or shoes this week.  Progress, I tell you!

Shoe Challenge 18

There was no shoe challenge post last week as I didn’t save any new shoes or dresses.  I did manage to save one more dress this week; but I also bought a new pair of shoes (see the Miu Miu post below this one).  I think I’m just waiting for Spring so I can wear some more of my open-toe shoes and more summery dresses.

Saved 120716
Leona Edmiston dress; Target cardigan (already saved); Joanne Mercer suede wedges (already saved)
Worn to: work

Miu Miu

Need I say more?


Shoe Challenge 17

This week I managed to save two dresses, but no new shoes.

Saved 120703
Leona Edmiston dress; Phillipo Rafael boots; Target cardigan
Worn to: work

Saved 120705
Leona Edmiston dress; Sara cardigan, Midas suede wedges
Worn to: work

Today I am also making a cheesecake. Photos of that when it is done!

Shoe Challenge 16

This is the dress I bought last week.

Saved 120627
Leona Edmiston “Rose” dress; Wittner suede wedges (saved already and worn to death)
Worn to: work

I did not save any more dresses this week, nor did I save any more shoes.

I did bake red velvet cupcakes though.


There’s no such thing as too much cream cheese frosting. Right?

Shoe Challenge 15

One dress saved this week.  One dress purchased this week.  BUT I also got rid of two dresses so it’s not a nett increase.  No new shoes were saved.

Saved 120619
Sara dress; Target cardigan (already saved), Wittner pompom wedges (already saved)
Worn to: work

I feel like I won’t be saving any new shoes in the near future as winter is here and that rules out my peep toes, of which I have many. Luckily I still have next summer in my shoe challenge time frame.

So. Much. Love.

Shoe Challenge 14

Only one dress save and no shoe saves this week! Very poor.

Saved 120613
Capture wrap dress; Target cardigan (already saved); Joanne Mercer suede wedges (already saved)
Worn to: work

I also bought one new pair of shoes this week. Oops.

Shoe Challenge 13

Winter has set in with a vengeance here.  It’s been so cold that I have been wearing boring trousers and cardigans to work almost every day.  So I didn’t manage to save any shoes this week, but I did save two dresses.  However, I also bought one dress which did not really help my cause.

Saved 120607a
Leona Edmiston shirt dress; Naturalizer black wedges (already worn); Target black cardigan (not shown but already worn)
Worn to: work

Saved 120607b
Leona Edmiston “Hope” dress; YSL Tribtoo heels (already worn)
Worn to: work dinner

I have also been baking again, this time I made chocolate chip and raspberry muffins. Dead easy and so tasty.


Shoe Challenge 12

This week I am organised!  It helped that I was sick during the week and had to stay home for a day.

Saved 120528
Sara orchid top, Basque grey trousers, Target cardigan, Salvatore Ferragamo flats
Worn to: work

Saved 120529
Sara black ruffle dress; Target long sleeve T-shirt; Target cardigan; Naturaliser black wedges
Worn to: work

Saved 120531
Leona Edmiston dress; Sara cardigan; Midas navy wedges
Worn to: work

I should point out that unless otherwise specified, I’m also wearing tights with every dress, as it’s just about winter and freezing here.

I bought no dresses this week (yay!) but did buy the black wedges mentioned above (bad Tracey!). In my defense, I didn’t have any black wedges for winter (i.e. non-peep toe and non-suede).

Shoe Challenge 11

A bit late this week but here it is.

Saved 120519
Sandler purple suede heels
Worn to: Spa day last week

Saved 120521
Sara black dress, Suzanne Gray black cardigan, Phillipo Raphael suede ankle boots
Worn to: work

Saved 120522
Leona Edmiston dress; Zoe Wittner heels
Worn to: work

Saved 120524
Sara watermelon top, Capture cord skirt, Suzanne Gray brown cardigan, Diana Ferrari brown boots, scarf from a market in Uzbekistan
Worn to: work

I did not buy any new shoes this week. But I did buy one dress.

Shoe Challenge 10

I managed to save one pair of shoes and two dresses this week.  Better than nothing.

Saved 120517
Leona Edmiston dress; Diana Ferrari shoes (already saved)
Worn to: work

Saved 120514
Leona Edmiston “Ciela” dress; Midas navy wedges
Worn to: work

I also wore my purple suede peep toe shoes today to the spa and high tea day with my friends, but I’ll show you a photo of that next week. Because it was dark and the photo came out blurry.