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Sick leave

When I was at primary school, I don’t remember ever taking a day off school because I was sick.  If I wasn’t hospitalised, I went to school.  When my parents visited northern Victoria for a week during the school term, I had a week off from my school, but I went to the local primary school in Robinvale for a week.  So I still claim I didn’t have a day off school just for the hell of it.

When I was in high school, I remember having three days off school.  One was when I had an ingrown toenail operated on and I stayed home for two days, mostly because I couldn’t wear a shoe on that foot.  Another time, I had stepped on a carpet needle and had to have emergency surgery to have it removed, as it went through a joint in my foot and broke off.  Unbelievably, my mother sent me to school the day after the operation (on crutches) and was called by the principal to come and get me.  I stayed home for a week that time.

The final time I remember having a day off was in Year 11, in December after all our exams were done.  My friends and I convinced our mothers to write us a note each for one day off sick.  We all went to the movies and to Luna Park for the day.  It was awesome.  No-one ever questioned why all nine of us were sick on the same day.

This habit of not taking sick days just because I felt like it has carried through to my work life.  I take a day off if I have a migraine, mostly because the work bathroom is too far from my desk when I need to throw up, or if I have a really bad cold (or anything more serious, obviously.  Like when I was 23 and had a stroke.  I needed a month off then).  As a result of this dedication to actually getting out of bed every morning, I have so many sick leave hours banked up that I could take four months off at once if I needed to.

Hopefully I never need to.


Wordless Wednesday, or What do to when you’re home sick and a bit bored


Here’s a list of things that are wrong with me at the moment.

  1. I have RSI in my right elbow.
  2. I have damaged tendons and ligaments in my left ankle.
  3. I have a headache today, courtesy of I don’t know what.
  4. I have injured my right shoulder, god only knows how.

I had an x-ray on the ankle this morning to make sure there is nothing more serious wrong with it. I have to wear a brace on my arm so that my elbow can repair itself a bit. I have taken headache drugs and they are not working. I think the clinkers I ate last night are being added to the banned food list. Don’t ask about the shoulder, I have no idea.

I am feeling rather sorry for myself today.

This week

Yesterday I woke up at 3.30am with a massive headache. Normally I can ignore them and get back to sleep but not this time. I had to get up and take some pain killers. By the time the alarm went off at 6.20am I wasn’t feeling any better so I didn’t go to work. I just couldn’t. I had some more pain killers then slept until 1pm. Pottered around the house in the afternoon but achieved nothing. I do feel better now though. I’m beginning to wonder if I am allergic to chocolate. But I don’t get a headache every time I eat chocolate so I just don’t know.

Today it’s three weeks until our holiday. OMG it’s getting closer and now I think I can count down the sleeps! We are both so excited. Tomorrow we are going to buy that suitcase. And the boy needs some new jeans because he’s lost a bit of weight and the other ones don’t fit any more. They’re in danger of falling off him and that is NOT a good look.

I got an email from my favourite shoe shop to say they had new summer stock in too. Do I go and look or not? I want to save my shoe buying until we go away but what if they have something really good???

Monday, Monday… so good to me

Not really. A rash statement really. Okay so the Olympics are over – thank god! I’m bored and over it. Pleased to see the relative of a friend win a gold medal though – makes it a bit more interesting. But now TV can get back to normal boring programming. Wait… what am I wishing for here?

Squishy (aka Samuel Andrew) was mighty cute for a two-day-old baby. Mum is doing well and going home from hospital today. Lunch yesterday with friends was very nice.

Huffle was sick yesterday. Which in itself isn’t so bad, everyone gets sick but she managed to throw up on the spare bed and the carpet upstairs. I made the boy clean it up because I wouldn’t be able to. Actually I wasn’t home at the time so that was even better.