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The sparkle

Today we’re all about the sparkle.  Trish wanted to see the earrings I got for my birthday and yes, it’s taken me more than a month to get around to posting them.  Sorry about that.  But look, here they are:


Pink sapphires surrounded by little white diamonds. So pretty.

And this week’s flowers, Lysianthus (I think that’s how you spell it?):


Because it has been, I don’t know, about a MILLION degrees here for the past few days, my brain is complete porridge.  If nothing makes sense here this week, that’s why.  I’ll try to sort myself out next week.

Crazy Melbourne weather

The weather in Melbourne has been mental in November. We suffered through two weeks of 35deg+ weather, but this weekend it’s cold and raining. It rained so much I discovered these little things growing in my front yard!

Mushroom 01

Mushroom 02

I don’t think we’ll be eating them for dinner.

Help me I’m freezing to death

Okay maybe a bit of an exaggeration but holy crap it’s been cold this week! Melbourne is not meant to be like this! Yesterday, the temperature struggled to 10degC. The wind chill factor took it right back down to 5degC. That is COLD people. Bring back summer. Maybe we should move to a warmer country. Or at least a house with central heating. Today, by comparison, it’s a balmy 12degC. But with the wind, 8degC. God help me.

This morning, after suffering through too many freezing mornings in the bathroom (I’ve already mentioned the lack of central heating, right?), we went to the lovely people at Retravision and bought a heater for our ensuite. It’s small, portable and energy efficient, AND it has a timer so we can program it to come on and warm up the bathroom before I get out of bed in the mornings. Bliss.

How long do you think it will take Huffle to move in there?

Whilst out on our heater buying mission, we decided to look for a new breakfast place. Our favourite Filter has mysteriously closed down and we have been unable to find somewhere else that makes good Eggs Benedict. We tried a place across the road from Retravision and I said I would be the guinea pig for the Eggs Benedict today. The sauce came out of a jar. There is NO excuse for that, lazy cafe owners! Disappointing, because aside from the sauce in a jar, the rest was good. Excellent coffee, good service, nicely poached eggs. Dammit. Is it that hard to find good Eggs Benedict?

Apparently so.

But we are not giving up! And if you can be bothered, you’ll be reading about the search for good Eggs Benedict here for weeks to come!

It got worse

Friday night, we had to get Salvador put down. He went to the vet and the vet found a huge tumour on one of his kidneys. It wasn’t there six weeks ago, and there was nothing we could do. We said goodbye, and cried a lot.

Yesterday, we suffered through the hottest day ever in this state. At 10.30am, the temperature was already 38C (100.4F) and by the early afternoon it had reached 46.3C (115.34F). I cannot begin to tell you how many fires started yesterday. Some of them were deliberately lit. So far, 25 people are confirmed dead, that number is expected to rise. More than 100,000 hectares (250,000 acres) have already been burnt. More than 100 homes have been lost. Who knows the extent of the damage to stock, and to wildlife?

Today, the temperature at 10.30am was 21C (70F). There has been some rain this morning. I hope it’s falling in the places where it’s needed.

Some days you should stay in bed and not face the world.

Stuff and things

Thank you to everyone who left kind comments about my photo of the bird. Whilst I try very hard to take good pictures, sometimes I just get lucky 🙂

The long weekend is over, sadly, and I am back at work. At least it’s a short week this week; it’s already Tuesday and I am not working on Thursday. But then it will be back to full weeks after that. The only bright spot on the horizon is our holiday, planned for the first two weeks of March, to New Zealand. But I won’t talk about that here (much); you’ll have to visit my holiday blog if you want more information. Don’t bother checking today, there’s nothing there yet!

So what did I do over the long weekend? Not much. I did the washing. I cooked a few meals. I watched the cricket and the tennis. I played on my computer. That last one took up a lot of time. I read a couple of magazines. Next time there is a long weekend, I am going to plan more activities. I was slightly bored by the end of it.

I will share with you the weather forecast for the rest of this week.

Tuesday: 38 degrees C
Wednesday: 41 degrees C
Thursday: 40 degrees C
Friday: 40 degrees C

I feel unwell. I have been moaning about the lack of warm weather this summer, but you know what they say. Be careful what you wish for. That will teach me.

Lack of inspiration

It was stinking hot today, up to 40degC. That is obscene and no-one should have to go out in that weather. Of course, the little black cat went and sat outside in the sun. She’s an odd cat.

We had a lovely weekend in Dunkeld, here is just one photo for you to admire.
This is four photos stitched together to make one lovely panorama. This was the view out our window every morning. Very nice!

I haven’t been to work this week yet, obviously, and I have tomorrow off as well. Then next Monday is a public holiday so I’ve scored another short week! Couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. It’s only about six weeks until we go on holidays so I think I can cope with that.

But as the post title suggests, I am lacking inspiration and even motivation at the moment. Nothing is really exciting me. Do I need a new hobby? A new job? Something else?

It’s the Friday before Christmas…

… and I am already over it. I have been to two Christmas parties this week, with one more this afternoon. On Sunday we are having brunch at my mother’s, because dinner at her place on Christmas Eve just isn’t enough family time for her. I don’t know how to spell the noise I want to make about that. Also, I promised myself I wouldn’t swear here. You don’t want to know what the boy said when I told him about Sunday.

Last night we had my work Christmas dinner. There are only three of us in my team so we take our partners and go out for dinner. We went to the Panama Dining Room in Collingwood. I have to say, the food was excellent but the service was crap, and the noise in that place was unbelievable. To hear the person sitting next to you, you would have to lean over to them while they were speaking. We sat down at 8pm and ordered, and by 9.15pm we still had not had our meals. Granted, they were busy, but they would have known how many people were coming in, since you have to book, so why couldn’t they be more organised! The boy and I thought the space would make a great warehouse apartment (that’s what we’re looking for on the home front) but oh well.

Tomorrow I have the luxury of going nowhere and doing nothing. Well, not quite nothing. I have to wrap Christmas presents. But at least I can stay in my sleepy pants and not leave the house. I hate wrapping presents. Really.

The weather here has been freaky this week. Last year at Christmas it was about 32degC. This week we’ve had 19degC each day, with rain. The rain is good, we’ve been suffering a drought for 12 years, but what’s with the cold weather? I want my summer! (I’m not a fan of the cold).

It’s the boy’s work Christmas party this afternoon. They are going out for lunch but I’ll go and meet them later. I don’t want to go to the Fairfield Boathouse for lunch. I’ve been there before and I don’t think it’s that good. Also: it’s RAINING again today.

THANK GOD tomorrow is the weekend.


Is it 35 deg today? Can someone please explain this to me?

Working for the weekend

And working ON the weekend. Well, not at work but I still have to do the washing. And I promised the boy I’d make him some toffees (no, I don’t see the attraction either), plus I want to bake some brownies as well. AND my friend had her baby on Thursday so I’m off to the hospital shortly (as soon as the washing machine finishes, that is) to see her and Squishy. Okay he’s not really called that but that is what we have been referring to the baby as since she got pregnant.

Last night the boy and I were driving home from work (after I had a most unsuccessful shoe shopping venture) and decided we were hungry so we turned around and went back to Brunswick St for some food. We foolishly abandoned our usual haunt (Mario’s) and went to the Fitz cafe. My duck was okay but a bit bland , and the boy’s vegetarian lasagne was dry and bland. So we won’t be going back there again. Which is a shame; it used to be good there.

Tonight I promised that I would make prawn and fennel risotto for dinner. Don’t ask me why. I now have to go and buy prawns and fennel and shallots. I’m so nice.

It’s cold and wet and I am very glad we are not doing anything tonight. Tomorrow we’re going to have lunch at a friend’s place so that should be fun. Then I have to do the grocery shopping. has it been two weeks already???

Oh and get this! I tried to book in at Rockpool for my birthday dinner (in December!) and they couldn’t take a booking for 8pm because they were already booked out! Sheesh! So we’ll be having a late dinner that night. Oh well, the price you pay when your birthday is close to Christmas. And I’m not sure about the New Year’s Eve idea any more since Crown Towers is booked out for that night already.

Hail is bad

I’ve just spent the day in Ballarat. For those of you not familiar with Victoria, Ballarat is a big country town about two hours away from Melbourne. Well, in good weather you can do the drive in just over one and a half hours. Today is not good weather. It has been pouring with rain and there is hail. This is not good for driving. And it encourages people to drive badly! Anyway. I’m back at work and have a headache for my trouble. Maybe I should have just stayed in bed today.

Ooooh the boy had a great idea for new year’s eve this year. We try not to go out in the city because of all the lunatics that get out there; this year we thought we might go and stay at a fancy hotel on the river so we can see the fireworks, and have a nice dinner beforehand. Maybe Rockpool 🙂 I’m liking the sound of this idea a lot.


Yes, I am hopeless. After all the thinking and contemplating (and good suggestions from my loyal reader) about what to do yesterday we decided it was too cold and too wet and just stayed home. We did go out for dinner though. We went to La Luna and it was lovely.

Today I’ve been shopping with my sister. I didn’t buy any shoes! I did buy a new frying pan though. Exciting stuff. And a new cardigan. Have you noticed lately that all the clothes seem to have three-quarter sleeves? Given it’s still winter and FREEZING in Melbourne that is not very useful. So today when I found a nice black cardigan with long sleeves I had to buy it immediately. So I’m happy.


Okay I admit it, I’ve done nothing interesting this week. It’s been cold and wet and I had a bad headache and all I’ve done is go to work and come home again (except Wednesday, I stayed on the couch with my migraine). And I’m feeling much better now thanks.

So already it’s the weekend and I don’t have anything exciting planned. I am going shopping with my sister on Sunday so that should be fun. The boy and I are trying to think of somewhere to go tomorrow, but when it’s cold and damp all the things we think of suddenly seem no fun (going to the Botanical Gardens, visiting the Open Range Zoo). If anyone has any brilliant suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.

Oh, last night I made fettucine carbonara for the first time in my life. I’ve never been a fan (maybe I’ve only eaten bad examples?) but the boy loves it so I decided to try making it. Result: fast, easy and tasty! Obviously I am a better chef than those at some of the cafes we frequent lol.

Grumpy Wednesday

I’m grumpy this morning. I was woken up at 6am by snoring and it was so loud I actually went in the other bedroom to sleep for another hour. The boy, of course, does not wake up well and turned off the alarm when it went off, instead of hitting the sleep button. I woke up at 7.45am and had to leap out of bed (without disturbing the little black cat, of course, who had somehow wormed her way under the doona) and try and make him get up.

As a result we were late to work and now I don’t feel like doing anything. He’s just rung me to see if I want to have lunch with him but I am meant to be having lunch with some friends today.

And it was so cold this morning! When we left the house it was only 4 deg. Probably the coldest morning we’ve had all year. I even wore gloves.

Friday the 13th

I don’t know why that should be important. I’m not at all superstitious (we own a black cat, for doG’s sake) but other people seem to think it’s worth mentioning.

It’s Friday and I’m happy about that. It’s been a busy week even though Monday was a holiday. Tomorrow the boy and I are going to see the new Indiana Jones movie then go out for dinner. Like on a date! Sunday he will probably go to work and I will do domestic goddess duties. Like the washing and shopping. Hmph.

A few people I know in the mid-west United States have been through some harrowing storms lately. Makes me appreciate the calm(ish) weather we have in Australia. Especially in Melbourne. We don’t get crazy things like tornadoes (or whatever we call them here). Having said that, there was an awful lot of wind and rain last night. It freaks the little black cat out and she immediately has to sit as close to me as possible. Since we were already in bed when the rain started, that meant she had to get in between the boy and I. Then she was happy.

This morning we woke up to blue skies and sunshine. But it’s cold!