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A flash of inspiration

I was blog trawling the other day and came across this one here. Amazingly, this woman just lives in Canberra which is even in the same country as me! Anyway, she was talking about her new camera and how she’s starting a new blog for all the photos she takes. I thought to myself, this is a brilliant idea!

Now clearly a LOT of the photos I take are of the little black cat for her blog. And I mean A LOT of photos. Getting a cat to pose for you, especially one that’s taken online classes about not posing for photos, is difficult. I would take 25 – 30 useless photos for every one that goes on her blog.

The boy is always saying to me that I should take more photos of other things. And I should. So I will. Stay tuned for a new blog that will feature my very brilliant (average) photography, starting soon. You heard it here first!